Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ahmedan's Pisha (Pizza)

Ahemdan my little Gourmand loves to snack... I always involve him in preparing his snacks. His favorite is a quick cheesy pizza. So what we use is thin Lebanese bread, our secret ingredient tomato sauce ;p and President Mozzarella cheese. 10-15min in a hot oven et Voila!!!

Bon appetite!

He Prepared it by himself. I was standing next to him
taking pictures ;)
Our secret ingredient Tomamto sauce
We use Classico pasta sauce, very sweet and not too much acidity
Perfect for pizza!


  1. Chef Ahmed ya3jebek ;) but he doesn't like to share his food ;p

  2. oh man!!! we do the exact same at home...my sister and i use to do this since we were kids..coz we love pizza and its not that our parents would allow pizza on daily basis and so we began making it at home...then one day we were lazy to make the dough and did with pita bread and we still do it...Ahmed is sooo cute...