Monday, April 19, 2010

At The 3aza

The past few days I was at Fahad's grandmother 3aza, 3asa allah yer7amha w yesakenha fasee7 janata, allahom ameen. I was sitting in my corner and observing the people who came to give their condolences. I was aghast! Is there no respect and decency left in our society? Don't you have any feeling for those who lost a loved one? Here is what I saw. People greeting people at the entrance of the house. "Hala wala flana. Eshloonich w shloon 3yalich. bla bla bla...bla bla bla... Ta3ali zoorina fee alshalaih." Wella nas etbarek 7ag wa7da tawha ma'76ooba. Hatha 3aza! Not a social gathering! Or those who come with Make-up on!!! Not eyeliner, or just foundation to cover almela7a w alchel7a… laaa full makeup!!! Laish yayeen??? Wela wa7ada dasha w emsawya tasree7a!!! wella elli ma7tarma nafs'ha, mako makeup w alsha3ar marbo6 bas al nail polish al 7amar yabrig!! These kind of people who have no respect should be turned at the door! There I said it! But what really annoyed me w ashkara mafhooma, almara alli dasha w sa7ba banat'ha weyaha 3lashan alnas yeshoofoonhom. 7asha marriage mart mo 3aza! Emsaween esh3orhom fee al9alonat w falinha!!! Al3bi 3ala alchetoof w yetbasmon! shelsalfa? Sij…. I didn't know how low people could sink with no respect and feeling for the deceased and their family, until now. Up Date: While typing this post I failed to clarify that I don't mean all those who came are like this. Only some who were just too obvious.


  1. Please give our condolences to Fahad and the whole family...sorry that we were unable to make it.

  2. My condolences..

    But with respect to these women, I don't see any harm with most of the things you wrote..

    Congratulating a woman on her engagement, if done discreetly, is the proper thing to do if you have not had the chance to do so previously. Greeting loudly, or at the entrance, is unacceptable I agree.

    A woman bringing her girls could be getting them in the habit of going to such social obligation, or maybe they know the woman's grand daughters..

    As for makeup or hair,, Some women have other things to do before / after the 3azza, not everyone has the luxury to go home after that and get prepared for whatever they have after, especially if they live far away.

    Nailpolish girl probably thinks this is OK. Or she just forgot

    Point i'm trying to make, give people the benefit of the doubt, not every one has a hidden agenda or is intending to be disrespectful. These things are being more and more common in 3azas though.

  3. Anon. This is what I feel. Kilshay lah wagta w mkana. When it comes to me or those close to me I know when I go to 3aza no makeup even if I have somewhere to go after that, either I go back home or apply my makeup in the car.
    Congratulating someone, yes, if I don't have the the opprtunity to do so beofore I can always pick up the phone and congratulate them later. Not infront of the deceased family???
    But it shows when a mother brings her daughters to 3aza to get them into the habit for social obligations and a mother bringing her daughters to sho them off.
    Come on I know and could see the difference, and I didn't mean all the women who came to pay their respects are like this. Only those who were so obvious.
    Thank you for your condolences.

  4. 3atham allah ajrekom dear... mathwaha il janna insha2 allah....

    hal ayam il 3aza bel q8 9ar ma9khara sra7a...

    when we were young... ma 3ndena ibnee yero7on 3aza! Ommi itroo7 it3aze m3a yadete or khalaty il kbar... BS! Leen 2000 o kan il wath3 chithee


    cause ahal il 3aza malhom kholg ihdoomhom. Oho maho isteqbal... ma ybon yebawson 60,000 mara yaya it3azehom... malah ma3na ana o banaty indesh shino walla banaty ybon rayel!

    o eshda3wa il 7rem il kbar ile kil wa7da 6aga il 50 awadm?

    ele etyeech ib 7jab alwan

    ele tefta7 il 3bat o ta7at.ha dress alwan
    ele talbes lich sha7a6a kilha strass o red pedicure o flashes her goodies in ur face o ihe 7a6a reel 3la reel...

    we know wallah inkom kashkha
    we know 3ndohom hdoom o floos
    we know inkom san3een o 7laiween

    leave it OUTSIDE... hatha 3AZA...

    mafrooth walla ppl start appointing a lady at the door... o she kicks out ill inappropriate people... 3shan il nass yet2adeboon

    3yal i7na ib our recent 3aza, yahaheel malhom ma3na labseen le uggs o makeup o tasre7aat o juicy tracks o 3n il 7asafa 7a6a 3la her shoulders 3bat yayeen ye3azoon... y3ni ana mathalan bakh6ebkom for my brother in the 3aza when i see you?!

    welle ityeech mo sab7a min 100 sina
    welle tamsikich itbawsech alf bosa KHALAAAAS yoba re7meena

    welle tahjem ib all her might

    welle togaf 3la rasich '3asib gomay asalm 3lech

    welle her 3baya is not aired min the last 3aza she went to

    welle mas7a il 7omra o dasha o still its marks on her face... y3ni ana kint 7a6a 7omra

    welle imsawya tatoo makeup kamil o tewahegat... ma sem3t ib shay ismah concealer?

    welle teg3ad itsolif bel 3aza... tra il sowalif bel 3aza akbar 3eeb... tbeen itsolfeen go OUT to your CAR solfy... dam inich dakhel il 3aza wala kilma wala 7arf...

    naheek 3n ile teg3ad itsolif o tetza7ak bel corner...

    madry il awadm laish ysawoon chithee... ista'3far Allah mara7 ye7esoon ib ahal il 3aza ella laman yekon ohom 3ndohom 3aza o yet2athoon shakhsyan yallah ye7esoon...

    Hmph sar post mo comment...

  5. Danderma
    Ajerna oo ajerich. Ameen ya rab!

    Exactly my sentiments.

  6. ma joie,,
    i know i look different :)
    but did i look bad??
    and yes all what you have said is true,, when i go to 3aza i always wear black in case it shows off..

  7. 3atham alla ajerkom, sorry I was in Dubai...

    I put my 3abaya 3ala chatfi :-S But I dont mean to disrespect anyone, I cant have it on my head and let it sit still so I just leave it 3ala chatfy!

  8. sweet Mimi... you didn't look bad at all...I adore you!!! inshallah we'll become better friends :***

    Somsom...there is nothing wrong with al3abat on your shoulder without looking as if you're going to a reception with your hair styled and not so natural...natural makeup on your face.. :s

  9. Princess "D"
    me too wallahy,,
    u r my better friend day by day now :***
    by the way i was going to get this Dave book the one u r reading i think i will go and get it from sultan,, im reading the memoire of Farah Phalavi ,, ooh D you must get it im sure you will love her through it

  10. Mimi I think I have the Farah Phalavi book on one of my shelves. But I have to double check. :*** If you don't find the Dave book just tell me...I would be happy to lend it to you ;)