Monday, April 5, 2010

Diet Update - March

The inevitable happened. With the craziness of last month I slacked in my exercise routine! My exercise schedule is on and off. Once a whole week passed by and I haven't got on the treadmill. Last weekend bada3t bel akel! Now I have to take a deep breath (inhale and exhale) and focus. The kilos won't shift on their own. Right? I have to make the extra effort to make up for the lost time. The past months I had incentives. I know it is wrong, and I should think my only goal is to be fit and healthy. Yet, it is more exciting when I have an incentive, something to look forward to when I have results. I know it is no excuse. Hopefully April would be more relaxed for me. Although it is the beginning of the High Season for Gelato Italiano, but everything is under control. I'm back on the treadmill this morning, and I feel the better for it. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. :)

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