Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Dessert For Your Diet!!!

So summer is here!! And I bet you're on a diet...
trimming off the excess weight to get into your fabulous light summer outfits...
Yet... you're craving an icy delicious dessert! Well don't go far!
At Gelato Italiano we have the icy selection for you!!
Dairy free!!! (3an taf5at al ba6en!) Sugar Free!! Gelato!
Flavors: Chocolate - Vanilla - Coconut - Cappuccino - ACE -
Lemon - Strawberry - Bran - Green Apple


  1. eshda3wa.. Thanks for stopping by ;) walah tastes vary personally I don't like all the flavors and my favorite are the lemon and cuppoccino. Some love the chocolate which is very popular...Pass by and try them...if not you can always choose from the other 45 flavors :D

  2. Oh God bless you! I've been craving ice cream lately and really didn't want to ruin my diet! I'll definitely give it a try :)

  3. F20 Designs & eshda3wa if you don't like the No Dairy No sugar ice cream... don't worry..we're working on something new and delicious and sugar free ;)

  4. Does gelato contain eggs? my friend is veggan and we are suffereing with is issue?
    Btw I called the store the other day the employee sure gave me sum hard time to understand what I want so I changed my mind and went home :(

  5. Hello Zaboo6a... The Dairy & Sugar Free gelato doesn't have any eggs in it. it is 100% vegeterian. I'm sorry about the employee... he doesn't know about the specific ingredients we put in our mixes. I hope you'll give us a second chance ;)