Thursday, April 8, 2010

Soug AlMubarakiya

We finally made it to Soug AlMubarakiya!! It has been an ongoing project for the past two months with the kids, well whenever I had time I made few research here and there, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything about the history of the soug. Mr. Bibi faced the same problem on his side of the research. So instead, he decided to take the kids on an expedition to Soug Al Mubarakiya and interview the people who work there about the history of the soug. We decided to meet on Wed. morning at 9.30am at the soug. My kids and I being punctual (ahem..ahem) arrived earlier and before the rest of the group. We took a quick turn around the soug while waiting for our friends arrived. So the group gathered, the kids very much excited, the Teachers briefed the kids and we were ready to begin our expedition. We went through the meat market, the vegetable market, the fish market and we stopped at spice and dates vendors. Everyone at the soug was welcoming, helpful and kind enough to indulge our kids during their interview half in French and half in broken Arabic. It was a lovely day. The sun was kind, allowing clouds to hide it, and the breeze was cool. In the end we went for a quick snack for the kids. First we stopped at Delag Eshail. But the menu didn't have child friendly options. So we headed back to Bawabat AlShamia where they serve fatayer. Although the workers panicked when they saw the number of kids we had with us, they were only nine boisterous kids, but they soon settled down and served us very quickly. I didn't have any fatayer, it is one of the forbidden foods for me. But I had the most refreshing orange juice I had in long while!!! I loved the atmosphere inside the restaurant. I love the old pictures hanging on the wall. Our day came to an end we said our goodbyes and headed back home ;)
Welcome To Soug Al Mubarakiya!!!
While Waiting for our friends to arrive, Abdulaziz tried on
some ready made Dishdasha's.
Nine Kids all in all. They're being briefed by their teacher
Mrs. Bibi. Abdulaziz and Yousef kick start the interview by asking the old gentlemen who were gathered at one corner at the Soug.
Boys will always be boys! They have to clown around.
Mr. Bibi again briefing the kids, Do not touch anything. Do not
wander away from the group. Don't make loud noises (yeah sure).
Soug Al La7am (Meat Market)
Interviewing one of the meat vendors.
A Group Picture.
Soug Al'7edra (Vegetable Market)
Spice Vendor
Mehyawa anyone?
Interviewing the vendor of the Spice Shop.
Inside the Soug AlSimach (Fish Market)
Simach Kuwaiti anyone?
Soug Al Tamer (Dates Market)!
The vendor was answering the kids questions
about what kind of dates there are and from where.
Ummmm YUM!!!
I bought this '7la9 for a dessert I'm planning to make this week
So stay tuned ;)
Eeeeygu6!!! Does anyone knows what it is??
When I was a kid I loved to eat it! Now still but not so much ;)
Mufraka. I stopped using these a very long time!
Does anyone still use them?
Ilyes and Murad interviewing a nice Gentleman
who was kind enough to answer their questions
and take a group picture with the kids.
At Bawabt AlShamiya
A mural of old photos. I just loved it!
Allah yer7emek ya Amir Alqeloob :***
Delicious Fatayer!
The interviews are being edited and inshallah will be posted on the La Langue Francaise au Kowiet Blog soon ;)
This is an after school program supported by tutors and parents and not part of the
school itself.


  1. great post
    i enjoyed the pics alot
    thx :)

  2. Reemas Thanks. We had a good day. The kids want to go again. This time I'll take better pictures. With nine kids you get very much distracted ;p

  3. You just reminded me of our childhood when my dad use to take my sister and i to mubarakiya every weekend to buy meat,fish, fruits and vegetables (i use to hate the fish side)...we dont go there anymore..its been years now..looks like the kids had loads of fun..and those fatayer's are so adorable..

  4. lovely memories, it's been a long time for me, 3 years so far. I live in Canada now, and I always miss Kuwait when I remember Souq Al-Mubarikiya. InshAllah I will be back one day, because I have ALOT!! of things on my mind that I want to buy, which they don't have here ofcourse (especially "bakhsum", "darabeel", and those cakes with pink sugar on top!!).

    Thanks alot for sharing your trip with us :)