Friday, April 30, 2010

Revamping my Living Room

So the time came to revamp my living room. Every year I say this year I'm going to make some changes and for some reason or another I have never got around to do it. I have reached the last straw. My boyos haven't left anything without being stained, torn or scratched! It is so embarrassing that I stopped having friends over. Not even to forget the overflow of books I'm facing. I have to give up some of my books. (anyone interested in romance books?) I love colors and I get drawn to them very easily, making me forget my objective in finding something stainproof and durable, for at least the next five years. Like the other week I was in Thajeej to get my computer checked when I passed by Midas and decided to stop and have a look. I've been there only once, and several times at their other branch in Shuwaikh, although I like some of their furniture and accessories they haven't had new items since they opened and some are really overpriced. I had my cam with me and wanted to snap few pictures but a sales person told me I wasn't allowed. Still I managed to snapped some pics with my mobile like a thief. So I apologize in advance for the quality of pics.
If I buy this sofa... I will need a disco ball and
Go Go Boots to go with it ;)
This is a tacky LV imitation coffee table.
I found this terrace round tent lounge chair.
Not sure what's the technical name.
Price tag KD600
I just love vibrant colors! Sometimes I go to extremes with
colors but not this time. I'm going to take care of
what I'm going to chose and be very cool about it.
*Sigh* Sooo beautiful cabinets and consol and mirror.
I love this parrot folding partitions.
This table and matching chairs are amazing! I can just imagine it
in my dinning area.
Still I'm going to stay away from these. I need something sturdy and within a realistic price, 3ashan ma at7asar if my monkies inflicted some damage on the furniture pieces.


  1. We have something in common...

    You should see a picture of my living room... the couch is blue, the chair is orange, the throw is green... and the carpet is a rainbow of colors!!! I <3 colors so much... i sometimes go over board :p

    I <3 that living room setting with colors though if i am to implement it i must copy it by the milli otherwise i will go over board with colors and have a circus :p

    Amaaaazing table!

    But you know you can have a durable grayish brownish couch that is big and modern... and have colors all around it mako mane3...

  2. Colors are soo cheerful... and if you have a lot of natural light during the day it is amazing...

    I have two very good couches two large arm chairs and my favorite reading seat a chaise longue...on a three seater the other is a two seater very good qaulity. I have reached the decision of upholstering them into solid colors… I'm thinking one purple the other green and have a multi colored cushions. Maybe the arm chairs would be pink? LOL!!! When I'm done with it… yeah…it's going to be a circus ;p
    But the awful thing about my living room are the books!!! So many of them!!! I already filled a box... interested in Historical romances???

  3. Those are loads of beautiful colors!! :) midas has a good collection but pricy..u should check out The One and My fav. IKEA!! IKEA is loaded with good stuff... :)

  4. B&D...Oh! I <3 IKEA!!! all my book shelves are from them. I really need to go to it sometime this week or maybe on the weekend... I was at The One yesterday... Pricey too but I like their accessories. I made up my mind...I'm going to upholoster my couches..and stuff from here and there. Still there are many places to check out if only to get some ideas. :)

  5. 3ndena o 3ndich khair... i had to lug all the books i have o buy several book cases o throw them all in the library room... wedi abe3hom o aftak

    my cook books and photo albums however are in my TV/book case... so they would always be nearby...

  6. Same here.. hubby keeps on telling me to sell them...but there is no one who wants to buy them... so I give them away to friends or to teachers :s Now I'm going Digital ;p