Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day!

So the joke was on me and some of the parents of his school friends, although unintentional since he has no idea about April Fool's Day. Abdulaziz... I mention him a lot on my posts. He is my first born. He is my love. He is spontaneous, artistic, generous, affectionate, loud, hyper, chaotic, kind and damn stubborn!!!
His birthday is next week which is also on the last day of school for the Easter Holiday, and some of his friends are traveling.
I guess his girl friend, which he adores since pre-KG is leaving too, and that's why he has been insistent on having his party a week earlier just so she can attend the party.
I refused and told him I'm not going to change plans because she was leaving. He can invite her later for a movie and a burger when she gets back. But Nooooo! Once Abdulaziz puts something in his head, it is there in his head and he must have his own way!!!
So he goes on making invitation cards, I mentioned he is artistic, inviting his friends to a party at Discovery Mall, writing my number as RSVP, and hands it to half of the 3rd graders in his school.
Yesterday after school I send him and his brother off to my parents home. At last a hard earned quiet afternoon, I was really engrossed when I got the first call!
It was a mother inquiring about the birthday party at Discovery Mall and where exactly its going to be. I just couldn't believe it!!! I, embarrassingly apologized to the mother, she laughed it off saying it was a wonderful April's Fool prank.
As the hour passed by, I got other calls, and not all the parents were laughing!
The little brat! Just let me put my hands on him!!
I was so furious the only thing I thought about was ways to torture him. Of course, I called and scolded him and his true Birthday party which I was planning to have for him is off, he is grounded for life and have to write apology notes to the parents who went to Discovery Mall and couldn't find the party.

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