Monday, June 20, 2011

Gluten Free Campaign in Kuwait

 I received this email from our bloggerette sister Danderma to spread a gluten free awareness. I think she is right. Although I don't follow a strict Gluten Free diet, but I do suffer from it and I try to make subsitutions to certain foods from time to time.
Please read her message it is important! and I hope restaurant owners will try to provide a gluten free menu :)

"I am writing to you on behalf on the Gluten Intolerant Diners in Kuwait. You would be surprised at the number of people in Kuwait who cannot consume any thing with gluten (the wheat protein found in anything derived from wheat, barely, rye, and other wheat related items).
I am writing to you because I have once suffered from a period of gluten free diet and I believe the restaurants of Kuwait have extended beyond being a mere culinary outlet as they are considered an important social establishments that our lives revolve around. Therefore no one can really refrain from visiting restaurants in Kuwait. In short, trying to accommodate gluten intolerant diners by offering or highlighting gluten-free items in the menu would be a civilized social initiative on your parts that is highly, if not vitally, appreciated.

What can be done? Anything! From printing out a plain A4 paper with the gluten-free items of your menu and keeping it at the bottom of the menu rack to adding the option of gluten free rice based pasta to the diners and informing your waiters regarding the matter. The pasta is available in many outlets in Kuwait and its dry and taste exactly the same as normal pasta. Also, flour less desserts on the menu or made with semolina or other types of flour are an excellent gluten free yet delicious options.
If nothing can be done on your part, at least allowing gluten intolerant diners to bring their own bread (toast or buns) along when they dine in and informing your waiters of that option would be the least they aim for.

Carluccio's Kuwait offers a gluten-free menu complete with gluten free pasta. Tatami Kuwait and Sugar & Spice bakery also are very accommodating and the latter even would bake cakes and fatayer if gluten free flour was provided for the bakery. In Dubai you could walk into the lime tree cafe and order a full English breakfast complete with gluten free toast and enjoy it thoroughly.

Thank you so much for your time and for reading this email. If you are willing to offer anything to gluten intolerant diners, please inform me so I could inform them with a post on my blog.

Thanks & Regards,

I love AlRaha Gluten Free baked goods.
I order their breadds all the time.

Inshallah I will share some of my Gluten Free
recipes with all of you! And wish you all 
the best of health and happiness.


  1. Hi, haven't heard from you in a month. Wishing you a happy vacation.

  2. Hi! Thank you! but who are you?

  3. Hi
    I am so happy to read this massage for Resturant in Kuwait and
    I hope the start to do some thing , we have many people in Kuwait have same proplem ,Gluten Free , I feel deficult to get this food
    few place sale it and its fast sold out :(

    I hope they care about it