Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Birthday Cakes ;p

WE all know 2011 isn't a regular year (allah yaster). A tradition I have with my kids where we'd bake a cake on my birthday and celebrate together. Unfortunately this tradition broke this year. On my Birthday, I was swamped with work. I've been in stressful meetings from morning till after 1PM, and it was so hot that day! Plus, I have promised my sister's I'd go out to lunch with them. When I started getting the birthday wishes as early as 12am, I remembered it was my B-day.

I usually catch Fahad when he is planning a surprise, however, as I said, this time I was distracted with work I didn't pay much attention. Since he knew I was busy, he took care of the cake by ordering one for me. Unfortunately I went out with my sisters and fumbled his plans. I enjoyed our lunch we had a great laugh and my sisters surprised me with a yummy cake. My younger sister who is in the States called me. Love and miss her. I even ran into Ansam :*** By the time I got back home, the kids were already in bed, and we had to leave again for the movies. Yes. I bought the tickets before I realized it was my B-day. Then Fahad told me about the surprise. Honestly I felt down that I wasn't there to celebrate with my boys and spoiling the surprise. I got my gift so happy about it, but still 2011 is a big fat mess! (al7amdullah)

The Cake my sisters surprised me with.

My Cake from my boys :*** 

We celeberated the next day :)


  1. Happy Birthday again and again :* It was good seeing ya :*

  2. Ansam Thank you :*** Yes it was good seeing you too :***

    October Ja Wave, Yes both cakes were yummy!

  3. You're a Geminiiiii :D how cool is that?! hehe

    Happy Birthday dear, kel 3am wentay b5er o 9e7a o salama ya rb :*

  4. Yes Swera ;p I'm a 100% pure Gemini ;p
    What about you?