Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sexiet Man Alive Speaks French!

The Sexiest Man Alive Speaks French!!!
Really it is sooo Hot! (the ladies will agree with me)
if a man spoke sweet nothings in French or Italian ;p


  1. Yesssssssss!!! I have to agree he is the sexiest man alive (him & Clive Owen)-- and the French just makes him even sexier! Yummmmmmm!!!!! :-P

  2. Didn't you faint just by listening to him..*sigh*...*faint*!!! Men should learn French to impress their ladies ;p
    I adore Clive Owne...*sigh*

  3. theglaw ya banat :p
    kelmeteen french makes u faint !! loool
    he looks just like me when i had hair :D

  4. Loool!!! Yes! *faint*...*faint*...and one more *faint* I do believe you look like him even wihtout hair ;p

  5. Yessssss totally agree! Got lightheaded when he began speaking French! He could have been cursing the hell out of the journalist for all I know, but it still sounded sexy coming from him! Amazing! LOLLLLLL!!!! *sigh*

    BTW, Clive Owen in "Closer" = YUMMMMM!!! <3

  6. Manhattan....I haven't seen Closer...but just ordered it.
    Yes..he is soooo sexy! but he wasn't cursing... he was saying, he learned his French when he became an exchange student while he was at University, and talked about the movie and his cast mates and had a great time ;p *sigh*
    Yes! light head indeed! ;ppp Lol!