Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friday Lunch

Buns from BreadTalk.  

Friday morning, it was the Help's day off,
and Fahad wasn't feeling well
so whatever plans I made for that day for the family was cancelled.
Abdulaziz and I went for a quick meeting which concerns him.
When we got back home, Abdulaziz was complaining
it's going to be a boring day.
" about you prepare lunch?"
"Really? I can?"
"Yes! You'll prepare the sliders and the salad. I'll do the fries."
He was so excited that he did the work
so well, with a little bit of instructions from me ;)
The food was so good! Tasted better than it looks on the picture.
The Salad was a simple lettuce cucumber and corn,
with a Mayo and mustard dressing.
When kids prepare a meal, they get to enjoy it better than when it
is prepared by someone else.
One of Abdulaziz's summer projects is planning
and preparing some of his meals.

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