Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tidbits Here & There

I passed by TSC for some groceries.

Mountaineer Tomatoes.

I found those giant tomatoes, they might taste good and maybe sweet, however I was a bit skeptical.
They look like tomatoes on steroids.

I found those funny signs. And this one is sooo true!
Being Man of the house is one thing, but the management
is whole different thing ;p 

This sign is so my kids! I might get it the
next day and hang it on the door of our home ;p


  1. hehehe.. they're funny right ;p

  2. Yes be careful. These are Lebanese tomatoes and they are all filled with hormones as it is not yet their season. Wait till the end of August to get the good ones!!!

  3. Thanks Anon for the tip! They did look scary :s