Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fondue Lunch

I've learned, no matter which schools you put your kids in and how much you pay, they'll always get the minimum to what is going to matter to them later in life.

As a parent, I make sure my kids get a diverse education, even when I have to pay extra for it, which they're not getting at school. We do a lot of reading, we experiment on a lot of projects, and (as Foodies) we like them to try different kind of cuisines and learn what kind of foods they're eating and from where it originated.
"So where are we eating mama?" Abdulaziz asks me.
He looks confused.
"Like the chocolate Fondue you make, this one is made from cheese and they have other yummy dishes." I explain, "So you know where Fondue comes from?"

And I read him the info I got from Wikipedia ;p He rolls his eyes.

"Fondue is a Swiss and French dish of melted cheese served in a communal pot (caquelon) over a small burner (rechaud), and eaten by dipping long-stemmed forks with bread into the cheese. It was promoted as a Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union in the 1930s and became popular in North America in the 1960s.

Since the 1950s, the name "fondue" has been generalized to a variety of other dishes where a food is dipped into a hot liquid, including chocolate fondue, where pieces of fruit are dipped into a melted chocolate mixture, and fondue bourguignonne, where pieces of meat are cooked in hot oil."

We arrived there, the place wasn't very crowded, which made us relax more. As I said on previous food posts, any place where the staff could tolerate my kids, it is good enough for us.

 Abdulaziz and Ahmed sitting in the foundue pot seating :)
They were in a good mood.

We ordered, Chicken mushroom cream fries, Bolognese fries, mini Brushetta burgers, Penne with Pink sauce, Swiss village Fondue with beef tenderloins, chicken escalope and bread. I had a cranberry cocktail. For dessert Abdulaziz ordered Oreo chocolate pudding, which he loved.

 Bolognese Fries

Chicken Mushroom cream Fries

 Ahmed loved his Bolognese Fries
"Mama hatha wayed hilwa!"
(mama this is very delcious)

 I love the decor.

 My orange cranberry cocktail, was good.

 The Mini Burshetta burgers. Weren't that bad,
I wasn't crazy about that sweet chili sauce, if only they'd
replace it for something different. Maybe like a red
pepper mayo sauce, or just topped with caramelized onions.

Of course being Friday, the boys want their pasta.
Penne with Pink Sauce.

 Swiss Village Fondue, with beef tenderloins, chicken escalope
and bread. It was very Yummy.

Oreo Chocolate pudding. Abdulaziz loved it!

"If the waitress asks you 'how was your food?' what would you say?" I ask Abdulaziz.

"It was delicious." He replies.

"Ok…who prepared the food?"

"The Chef."

"What would you ask the waitress to tell the Chef."

He give me his cocky smile.

"My compliments to the Chef!"

So the waitress did ask about the food and he tells her (shyly) it was all good and my compliments to the Chef!

As for us, we stopped at Gelato Italiano for some Passion fruit, Pineapple, chocolate and bubble gum gelato ;)


  1. i love this restaurant, very yummy food & the decor is fab :D

  2. I'm drooooooling , its been ages since I last went there !

  3. Although I'm signed in I don't know why I can't comment as ma vie ma joie :(

    Swera I love the place unfortunately they've changed a lot on their menu, removing a lot of yummy items.

    Lady B...maybe its time to pay them a visit ;) everything is yummy!