Friday, June 3, 2011

What's For Breakfast

Let me tell you how my day start… I get up with the boys wash and change into my exercise gear. I see them off to school and start my exercise. After I'm done I like to prepare my own breakfast. It depends on my mood and the time I got. If I'm not in a rush that day I indulge and take my time, however if I was in a hurry, I'd fill my cup with a latte and dash out to work.  I also like to have my breakfast in front of the TV and while going through the paper (Fahad suggested it would improve my Arabic if I read the News papers.)  

 Zaatar Manousha from Diet care.
Navel sweet orange and herbal tea.

 Rainbow Omelet, with three peppers
and onions and a hint of spices.
Toast with herbed cream cheese
Apple & Pear sauce, and Herbal tea.

Creamy low sugar strawberry oatmeal, pineapples,
Banana & Apple sauce. 

Nothing beats cold water melons after an exercise session
Cinnamon & Pecans Spcial K with skimmed milk
Green Apple yogurt

Reduced fat Peanut butter, raspberry jam, Latte 

Toast, Herbed cream cheese, olives and tomato slices
Latte, strawberry yogurt.

Zaatar Manousha from Diet Care with a tsp of Labna
Apple sauce and a Latte ;) 

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