Monday, June 27, 2011


I should call this post Fashion Avenue, like the show on Style Channel, where the lady in the show travels to places around Europe and looks for bargain designer
 pieces on a budget for parties and events,
and snacks and eats at famouse cafe's and restaurants. 

I wasn't planning on shopping that day. The plan was breakfast and take the boys to play while I cozied up with a book. Then my sister decided to join us, and of course my sister wants to go check out few places after breakfast and I joined her.

I loved their hot chocolate. Planning to go again for 
breakfast sometime this week just to order the hot chocolate. 

We had a very yummy breakfast at Paul. I ordered the scrambled eggs with a hot chocolate, which is very good, and I stole a small piece from Fahad's croissant.

First we stopped at Virgins. Fahad wanted to buy some books. I found this book called Tall Carmel Macchiato by Kuwaiti author  Yousef AlBader. It is a very amusing book, basically talking about his discovery to certain words and phrases in the English language and their meaning. It is my first Arabic book in a very long time and surprisingly a very light and entertaining read.
Dropping Fahad and Abdulaziz at Game Whizz, my sister,
Ahmed (who didn't want to play) and I headed to The One. 

She got these for our parents room,
to hang it on the side of their room as decore.

We've been going back and forth to check out this Table set.
Finally we decided to get the whole set for the fromal dining room.  

 The design is extravagantly beautiful!

Ahmed fell in love with this ballon table.
He wanted to buy it with his KD0.250 which
he carried in his pocket.

We fell in love with this console and mirror.
We sat for almost 20min.looking at is
and trying to decide where it would go best in the house?
As charming as it is, we couldn't find a place for it in the house.

After spending almost an hour at The One, we headed to Vavoom. I was out of moisturizer. I use Shiseido and the lady at the counter was kind enough to add some samples of the same kind of moisturizers I use. I keep them in my handbag  or save them for short trips. My sister convinced me to buy few eye liners from Makeup Forever. They had amazing colors, but I stuck to the basic charcoal, brown and dark green. My sister got the same as the ones I got, but also added gold, purple, light green and blue. We also got a beach bag each as gifts from Makeup Forever :)

Aldo were having a sale. These cute slippers caught my attention and the faux snake skin multi colored clutch is chic! I also loved this long necklace. Did you notice how they all match together?
It was a long lovely day.

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