Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finally Nail It!

I call my cousin Shosho to chat with her, after saying our "Hi's", she suddenly asked me if I had anything to do tomorrow. I said, "No."
"I'm going to go do my nails. Do you want me to book you an appointment?" She asks.
"Ok. Which place are you going to?"
"Nail It." She replies.
I've been wanting to try 'Nail It' forever! And it is only few minutes away from my office, but I don't know why I haven't gone there yet. Thanks to Shosho she booked me an appointment and I met her there the next day.

I love this chair!

The place was nice, very organized and clean. I love the white, black and blue with a hint of silver décor. I loved the shelves with a large and up to date fashionable collection of nail polish colors. I loved the flat screen in the middle between the two seating areas. But my favorite…was their comfy chairs! As soon as I sat, and sunk into the chair I knew I didn't want to move at all! ;p

Next time I want to do some nail art.

The ladies suggested I try their Organic Treatment, for a much needed Mani & Pedi. The ladies, Janet (the tall skinny one) and Jennifer took over. They were sweet and kind and constantly asked me if I was feeling comfortable. The treatment they gave me exceeded my expectations. It soothed and relaxed me. I am hooked and I'm certainly going back very soon, and this time I want to try the Almond Treatment.

Oh yes! and I did catch up with my cousin Shosho
(garagna garga!).
It was a wonderful day!
Nail It Website: Nail It
Facebook: Nail It


  1. The nailpolish shelf looks so cute! Wedi I have one in my room :P

  2. Yes it looks so cute! But I stopped buying any nailpolish in long time since Nail Spas are showing everywhere in this country ;p

  3. True! Yabeela you try Bubbles Nails spa, I really think you'll like it! :D
    I still think it would be cool having a loooong nailpolish shelf in my room, t5ayilay you have a girls night in with your friends and mess around with it :P

  4. i love nailit, my fav place so far, cosy o kel shay