Friday, June 10, 2011

Mrs.Fields Cookies

 What do you do on a dusty day? Not feeling like going out and bored to death?? Well the only fun thing to do is eat.
I was craving Mrs.Fields cookies for a while,
and I thought what better time than today to order some.
I called and placed an order an hour later my
cookies, plus some brownies were delivered.

Peanut butter chocolate chips cookies 
which I loved.

I haven't tried them yet, saved them
to have them with my morning coffee

 Milk Chocolate chip cookies
I loved! chewy chocolatey.
I think this was a gift.

Chocolate fudge cookies
They were good too.
Facebook page: Mrs.Fields


  1. i tried them 2 months ago, they are good but unfortunately not as good as the one's in jordan
    they are missing something

  2. They were good on the first couple days...but what's left went stale very quickly. However the kids really enjoyed them. I still prefer the ones I make ;p