Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's in Your Handbag?

My handbag is usually messier than this, but because I've changed handbags only few days ago it still looks clean, without the bits of paper, lots of change and lip gloss! I keep at least 4 lip glosses at a time!

 My handy dandy note book. I don't go anywhere without
this note book!! It has numbers, emails and lots of lists.
When it is full, I copy the important stuff in a new note book
and store the old one in a box for later reference if needed.

Hmmm....what do we have here...
Breath mints, some change, tissue in the design of a shuma'3
my wallet from Tashkeil,  Tom Ford White Patchouli perfume, a homework list for Abdulaziz, pen, change, Chanel gloss,
Prime & Toast take away menu
(My kids and I love it so we order from it all the time) ;p,
Sultan Center grocery receipt,
a pair of earrings, my pearls, Marina Hotel health
club subscription, a doctors prescription,
and a Godiva chocolate ;p

Now what is in your handbag ;) Share! :)


  1. weeee qobra, ana eb te6la3lech zbala 7ashach :/ killa receipts o klinix o loya bs nshallah will post about it :D

  2. Lol!!! Wallah usually it is worse than this..but because I switched bags it didn't have time to be filled with garbage ;p