Sunday, June 5, 2011

P.F Chang

I went to Kung Fu Panda starving!
Even the Popcorn couldn't do it for me. 
By the time the movie finished 
I placed a take away order from P.F Chang!  
Just the mention of Noodles in movie
made me crave their food.

 Spring Rolls

 White Steamed Rice

 Garlic Noodles, my favorite

 Crispy Honey Chicken

Mangolian Beef! I just love it!

I loved the service! I placed the order while I was still  parked at parking lot of Laila Gallery Cinema. Ten Minutes later
I'm at the Corniche and my order there ready and waiting
for me! ;)


  1. 3alaich bil3afia! I love PF Changs it really hits the spot! :D

  2. Allah ye3afeech...I love the place!