Wednesday, June 15, 2011

End of School Year Party

For the past two weeks Ahmed has been coming home crying because he wanted a birthday party like the one his friends were having at school. I saw his teacher last week and I suggested to her if it is Ok to have an end of year party for the kids.
She agreed it would be fun for the kids.

One of the reasons I suggested the idea was my guilt for not being there for his birthday last January when I had to leave on a business trip, and it was weighing heavy on my conscious. According to my sisters, he refused to celebrate his birthday because I wasn't there.

Another reason was, my boy has been crying in his sleep wanting a party almost every evening. He wants it so bad he is crying in his sleep!!! My guilt trippled!

Anyway, I asked him what he wanted for his party. I showed him several themes and he chose Sponge Bob Square Pants. On Friday I checked out Party Land. Unfortunately they didn't have any Sponge Bob themes available. Instead I found Hawaiian theme party supplies. I picked up sets of plates cups and napkins, necklaces and cardboards with the face carved off.

A couple of days later I head to Soug AlSalmiya with my sister, for those shops where you can find party favors for a bargain price.
The shops were filled with Sponge Bob goodies of every kind. So I picked up what I thought appropriate for 4 year olds.

The bags with the ribbons are for the girls ;p

After that we went to Mr. Baker and ordered a Sponge Bob Cake.  After the suggestions I got from my friends, I ordered from Caesar their famous mini pizza, Zaatar manaaish and hotdog rolls.
(unfortunately I didn't have any pics for them) 

Abdulaziz had the day off and helped with entertaining
his brother and his class mates

  I do anything to see that smile on his face :*

Cardboard picture...all the boys and girls took
their pics taken. The boys had a surfer dude,
and the girls had a dancing girl wearing straw skirt.


  1. CUTE allah y5aleehom lich inshallah! eshawig ahmad;*

  2. Thank you Sugar :)