Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flashbomb: Pregnant Women Breakdancing In London

If you think this is dangerous, try giving birth in poor countries without a midwife, hospital or medicine. This flashmob is one of a series happening in Paris, Berlin, Utrecht and across Canada to highlight the scandal that millions of women in poor countries and around the world aren't getting the healthcare they need for a safe and... healthy pregnancy.See More


  1. Oh yes, I heard about it before.

  2. WOOW .. great way to dilever the msg.

    a7san min 7amlat ..
    "nabeeha 7amel o tolad fe mestashfa 5a9"

  3. Reemas I totally agree... I face alot of complications during delivery...almost lost my life in the second one. I prefer quality over quantity and I tell people who bully me to get pregnant "I'm not a baby Factory!" ;p
    But yeah... in poor countries and poor healthcare pregnant women face a lot of problems.