Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Catty!

My friend Yazzy and I were discussing about a show we're both watching and about the catty women characters, and she wrote this:
"I thought the sequence where the society women were all catty with each other was something as fresh and wicked then as it is today. Women don't really change that much. I wanted to slap each and every one of them."
I felt the same when I watched the show too, and was speechless as I watched, could there be women like this in our time and day? We are intellectual beings!!! We can't stoop so low in our character just to be catty to another woman. Unlike Yazzy, I haven't encountered this type of women in my life. Yes there are those who like to pry in my personal business and I know how to deal with them (just ask them personal questions and they'd tuck their tails between their legs and run).
However, the kind of women who likes to make you feel uncomfortable and throw slurs and sneers at you, no, I guess I'm lucky in this...or maybe they are the lucky ones... 'cause I don't tolerate this kind of behavior... I wouldn't waste my breath on them....I'd just put my hand down their throats and pull out their tonsils. So catty women, you've been warned!
WTH! To think at my age I'd be a bit more passive... I have to go and workout the aggression in me ;p 50min of treadmill today :)

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