Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hair Cut

Every beginning of summer I take the boyos for a head shave.
This time I wanted something different,
and I've been thinking of a new hair cut.
I was watching a rerun of Glee
(I'm one of those obsessed fans of the show)
and here was Cutie Pie Mark Salling who plays Puk
looking gorgeous and naughty.... just like aljeyaker illi 3endi.
So why don't I try his hair cut on the boyos???
I asked my friends on Facebook to vote.
Most said I should go ahead with the Mohawk...
Ok if doesn't look good on them I could always go for a shave.
Here is Abdulaziz....What do you think?

Here is Ahmed testing his spikes.... and guess what?

He didn't like it at first!
I was so afraid Fahad would be upset...
but he seemed to like it.
That same evening they went to a birthday party
and I got several calls asking me where I cut their hair ;p


  1. salem qalbah ele ga3ed yabchi :*

    walla 7elwa il hair cuts! Mohawk bs tharb! ism Allah 3lehom yeshawgoon el shabab Allah yekhalehom lich o yebal'3ech fehom ma3ares insha2 Allah :*

  2. Danderma...allah yesalmich w ye5aleech :*
    I think the hair cut made them naughtier than usual ;p

  3. looooooooooooooool
    ooh my god a7medanyy mawatny men elthe7ek 7ayatoooo anaaaa ismallah ismallah ismallah
    Dallola yhablooooon,,
    i went me and my daughter to ur shop we had a YUMMMYYYY ice cream ,loved itttt,,
    kent mthay3a i dont know where is the shop mama told me to call ya bas i told her i dont have her #
    anyways loved it alot
    and i loveeeeee the new hair cut YES YES YES

  4. Mimi...where are you? Et'36een w te6l3een??? I thought you were traveling... glad to hear from you darling...
    Yes the hair cut layga 3alaihom little devils!!! They are now naughtier than ever! I know you'll like it... ;) A7medan...te7fa 3alam ebroo7a...a very funny little man..and he has this temper!!! la yefich 7alja ;ppp I'll email you my number.

  5.'ll find me on Facebook :***