Saturday, July 17, 2010


My list doesn't look as elegant as this one...
I'm a very organized person. I have a little note book which keeps me in line and not forget what I have to do. I have To Do List for the day, for the week, and for the month. I make plans all the time and write them down and keep on writing them until I get everything done. I stick to my lists… except…yeah it's coming… my grocery list!!! It is a nightmare for me!!! I don't seem to stick to the grocery list and this month in particular everything was disorganized… the house keeper doesn't seem to get things straight. She tells me what is missing I go grocery shopping and grab other things that I might need to use for recipes and then when I get back home, I discover there are other things missing or about to finish which requires another trip to the Co-op or Sultan. Last week I've been grocery shopping three times so far and thrown a substantial amount on each trip. Do you have a tip on saving up on money and preventing food waste? How do you do it? please share….help!


  1. it might be an idea to do ur own personal check of what is available or not before u shopping - say if you're doing a big shop every two weeks or so.. and then on a daily basis u can just buy fresh fruits or herbs etc as u may need on that day :D

  2. Wet Knickers! Thank you! most of the time I call from the office to see what's missing...but hubby always says do not trust anyone ;p I have to do my checks on my own before I leave home.

  3. heheh!!!
    i checked out ure ice creams..
    i'm gonna be visiting very soon and i'll do a review inshallah!
    looks great!!!!
    i'm a bit confused abt where it is tho...

  4. It is on the same street as Dar Al Awathi. on the same line of buildings you'll not miss it. :)