Thursday, July 29, 2010

Diet Update - July

I've been good all month. I'm exercising every morning before I head out to work, treadmill and I added Steps. Sometimes I do 10min of brisk walking and 2x15 Steps & 2x15 wide steps and I alternate between the two for 45min, it really makes your heart pump. I also do light weights every other day. When I'm not in the mood for cardio I just do yoga and the fun thing about it, my kids join me. Ahmed has really become the yoga pro, and the Nanny told me that Abdulaziz has led a class of yoga at the club with the trainer. Abdulaziz started yoga about a month ago and he does it every morning. It helps him with his concentration.
I'm not sure how much I lost. Not much anyway. However I still can feel it in my clothes which are getting less constricting ;p I've been saying it for the past two months and I'm still saying it…I really have to get me a scale! Ramadan is coming inshallah… I'll continue exercising. I just hope I don't go crazy over food, desserts and Gelato!!! ;p

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