Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day At the Office...

9:00 Am... I'm typing this as I'm checking other things around me ;)
Here I am sitting behind my desk…Fahad is annoyed with me this morning...I'm not being very productive. (my desk isn't extravagant, more cluttered with unfiled papers, recipes and books which needs to be arranged ASAP! I have OCD can't tolerate this kind of mess...no wonder why I'm not productive this morning) He is scowling at me. (I've said it before, he doesn't cut me slack just because I'm his wife) "Did you call **** and asked him for the dimensions?" He is asking me. I'm nodding. "Yes. He is emailing them right now." How could I do anything? Apart from making calls and replying to emails, which I already did, my other job is to come up with new flavors and ideas. I have few on my list which needs to be worked on; still I can't do anything 'cause the staff is already backed up on orders. If I haven't mentioned it before we supply to restaurants and Hotels, and since it is summer and high season for our line of work… just imagine the chaos down there inside the factory. I should have stayed at home this morning (Mr. Irresistible (and he really is) glaring at me again). The new ice cream machine I bought few months ago isn't doing a good job, cheap stuff. Once the new one I ordered arrives, I'd be spending more time at home. That is a good thought to hold on to. *sigh* Now I wonder… what kind of flavors our clients would like us to present for them this Ramadan season?
10:15 am... My phone is ringing… Chef **** calling. 10min later. Chef wants to know if I received the email for their order he needs it ASAP for the weekend. Sure! (I'm being sarcastic here.) I remember few weeks ago some underling in a kitchen of one of the restaurants we supply to calls me (we leave my direct line on contracts for emergencies) and tells me he wants our green tea ice cream now!!! Excuse me! We have to make it fresh we do not stock our ice cream, and then it needs few hours in the big freezer (minimum 6 hours maximum 12) before we can deliver. Besides, not that he thought about it because we only work for him, we have other orders to supply to other clients, and I have to check how swamped my staff are. At least we can deliver the next morning. When I explained all of that to him… "You do what we ask you to do." He tells me in a very derisive obnoxious tone! Gasp! Did I mention I'm a live wire? I yelled… can't remember what I said but I yelled, then closed the line.
Moments later the Head Chef calls and (still seething) I told him what his underling said to me he was appalled and apologized. I explained that my direct line is there for emergencies and I'm ready to help but I do not tolerate obnoxious attitude. You get to meet all sorts of people. At least it is better than when I was in the banking field. Agrrrh! And don't get me started about the people I met when I was in the banking sector! I'm going to check if one of the machines is empty to try one of the mixes I've prepared this morning….
11:36 am.... Back…no not ready. Jeffery says he'll call me when one of them is ready. Just have to wait then. Fahad, left to the other office. I'm worried about Abdulaziz. You know when you have your first kid and do all sorts of mistakes with him. Like speaking to him in three different languages at once, to a point the child reaches the age of nine and he can't form one coherent sentence to express himself. Sometimes it is so frustrating for him he loses his temper and starts yelling and then just go berserk. For the past few days we've been practicing on speech, mainly French, and writing down what he said, like a Journal. Today I'm going to concentrate on emotions and feelings. He still needs a lot of practice. We do meditation just to shut down the noise around us and go deep inside our souls and find a moment of serenity. I might sound weird but he needs these quiet moments of reflection. Of course Ahmed is jealous and he'd charge on us yelling "Geronimo!" and shatters that moment of calm. In the evening when all my men are in their beds sleeping, I surf the net to find other ways and techniques to help my boy…I didn't find much. Any ideas?
12:35 PM... Jeff is calling...signing off!!! Get that mix in the machine then rush back home for 30min on the treadmill before the boyos get back home...


  1. coming up with flavours thats a great job i think?! .... how about legaimat flavour?

  2. Tried it...it had a rather messy result ;)
    Actually it is a great job if you like to eat :)

  3. wooww!!!
    that sounds like a hectic day..
    but kinda fun too!!!
    please tell me u have hazelnut?
    and how abt almond gelato that tastes a bit like marzipan???? :D

  4. Yes...we have hazelnut and we have nutella ;) we do have almnods but not sure if its close to marzipan. and chocolate almonds but that we make it on occaisions.

  5. qish6aaa flavour