Saturday, July 3, 2010

Diet Update - June

I've been dreading writing this post and putting it off each time I think about it. Month of June is the month of junking on food, whether eating out or in, greasy food or chocolates and sweets. I just went into a frenzy of eat all you can!!! Without checking myself and coming to my senses. The next morning I'd wake up and tell myself… "This morning I'll be good." I'm good until lunch time. I feel restless and craving foods that are forbidden on my list and once I start eating I find it hard to stop. I know it started with the stress I went through at the beginning of June, however mid June I was good and rested and I can't stop myself from eating! The worst part of the whole situation, I even stopped exercising… I'd exercise one day and stop for two, and they are not consistent! A couple of days ago I had a rude awakening, when I tried on one of my pants and it wouldn't close!!! Only a month ago it was loose on me, now I know I've gained one dress size.
I'm back on track this month. I have no choice but to double my efforts, Ramadan is coming and I hope I can hold myself away from the delicious food.
Wish me all the luck... maybe I'll post a week by week report of my progress just to keep me in line... I have to think about it ;)


  1. 3ndena o 3ndich khair... ma boga shay ma akaltah in June... hatha o ana abi asawe regime o ath3af li 3 Kilos y3ni loool... i gained 3 kilos!
    Gelt min bacher Sunday Regime qasee insha2 Allah bla qashmara...

  2. i think loosing weight in Ramadan is the hardest thing ever !

  3. Danderma... I was so good and lost so much...trying on that pants was wake up call..I don't want all the hard work to be for nothing. Besides I have a Triathlon to participate in ;ppp

    Eshda3wa... I know..I was on a very stric diet a couple of Ramadan's ago and exercised for three hours every single day and I only lost 300g in one month. So the enjoy the food during Ramadan but don't over do it ;)