Monday, July 26, 2010

My New Love - Olly Murs

Love comes on different levels…the unconditional and highest love for my man and boys, my love of food and cooking, my love of art, my love of literature and history, my love of music and performance, my love of humanity and spirituality, and my love of everything beautiful. Many many kind of love...I fall in love ten times a day! Yesterday I discovered Olly Murs…on the X Factor and I am besotted and very much in love! My sister has been forever telling me about him, but I haven't paid much attention until yesterday! I just love his soulful voice and his whacky geeky dance moves, it is all over the place but it still looks good. See for yourselves and tell me what you think! These are my two favorite preformances...


  1. his voice reminds me of Michael Buble, nfs el tone ^_^

  2. Buble's voice is a bit smoother...Olly is more soulful. But he is good :)