Sunday, July 25, 2010

Food Fever

This picture was taken a while back,
The Ice Swan in the middle is made at Gelato Italiano :)
Yesterday at the Co-op I've noticed they've already cleared spaces to stack food for Ramadan! And so! The food fever begins!!! Does the food fever hit you every year? I must confess, I've been hit by this fever in the past and over did myself with the food and the cooking! In the end none of us ate much! And half the food went to waste! Last year was the first Ramadan I haven't spent much thought or money on food, in the end I cooked food which I actually ate! This year inshallah...I'll try to concentrate on Soups and is useless to say I'm going on a diet in Ramadan. I'll end up eating twice more than I normally do. So…again…do you go crazy on food in Ramadan? If so…what are you planning to cook? ;)


  1. i ve just started collecting recipes for salads & sweets ( which im incharge of) :P and ive tried some of them during last weeks ...
    and still searching :)
    heard that alma6a7en & 3abeer elrashed just released thier books so ill go dig in :P

  2. I shed weight off in Ramadan! My problem is thirst more than hunger... the minute I hear prayers (athan) I kinda get full hehehe mentally, so I would have dates with water or leban then after praying and sitting a bit I would have soup and maybe a couple of lgaimat ;-) I dont go crazy at suhoor cuz I easily get upset stomach so inshalla I continue this way this Ramadan

  3. to me ramadan means nothing diet wise. I don't gain weight and i don't lose weight...

    o i don't care about fu6oor since almost all q8y foods i don't eat. Harees Yereesh Kobeeb Tashreba all not in my dictionary

    all i eat is a bowl of whatever soup is available and or fattoush + 3-4 smboosa's o i feel quite full

    o b3dain maybe a small bowl of m7lbiya made with low fat milk with a cup of tea

    o at night something light for s7oor... bs i do however cook sometimes for my family but only if i am in the mood... nothing much pasta or desserts mainly

  4. TwofoldKuwait... I buy these books every year and never used them ;p But good luck on the recipe collection and share some of them ;)

    Ansam...I too get thirsty alot.. and I gain weight because when I fast my body automatically retains water... I put on upto 5kg! and a week after Eid... I deflate!

    Danderma...welcome back! missed you! You don't eat much... I hope I don't eat much this year ;ppp Our cook makes futour for three he usaully stick to the regular harees or jereesh and the machbous... I like to prepare my own soups and salads though and light stuff ;)

  5. Oh!!! and I crave chocolate desserts!!!

  6. loooks delicious .... I am going on diet this Ramadan (since i won't be here anyway) .... I am preparing a post on this topic towards the begining of ramadan...

  7. I tried so many times to diet in Ramadan and failed.
    Where are you going? Another adventure?