Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Flex or Not To Flex?

My kids membership at Flex family is almost ending, although they are enjoying themselves just because they are out of the house, but honestly I'm not sure if I should renew it or not. I am not pleased with their services. Kids have a half hour class and a half hour nothing to do until the next class. They don't have a variety of classes to interest kids. There is no one around to guide them. They are kids, they need someone to tell them what to do. There are what they call at the club child minder (not trainers) who are suppose to encourage the kids to participate in games and be active and to guide. But those so called child minders, from what I saw on the many occasions I went to check on my boys, they are clustered into groups gossiping or just sitting there waiting for their shift to be over, and they have their private black market going on with the other nannies, and I saw it with my own eyes. Their swimming schedule is constantly changing and they give priority to the women members, although the fee for the Childs membership is more than the women. Isn't it a club for mother and child or children in particular? Half the women who are there don't have any kids in the club. They are there 'cause the membership is cheaper than Flex Women. Yet they get the priority! I wanted to be with my kids, just to make sure that they benefit from their time there, unfortunately I'm having a very crazy schedule and it's getting crazier in Ramadan. To be fair, the administration at Flex has responded to my complaints, and I do complain a lot. Yet there is still not much change. It is really frustrating for me to find my kids time wasted without doing anything fruitive. I checked out Champions few weeks ago. Yes they have a program and a variety of classes, but I had several issues with them. First, it is very crowded, half the kids there don't have a chance to play and exercise enough. Second, the trainers are all men. Third, nannies are not allowed (Cranky Ahmed will never go anywhere without me or his nanny). I don't know how it's going to be during Ramadan. I still don't want my boys to mop around doing nothing.


  1. Why don't you check out My Gym in Discover Mall, here is the link:
    I wouldn't renew if I were you, you're not getting what you pay for and I would be pissed off if they gave membership to women who are too cheap to pay, or they are not watching my kids or actively doing things with them between classes. It sounds really unprofessional.

  2. I found the same problem. My son was even bullied by other children and I didn't renew my son's membership because of that.
    I had people recommending Champions for me. You can try it for a week and then decide. Good luck and hope you find a good place for your children.

  3. Hi Snow...My gym is good enough for Ahmed, but they don't have lots to do. Ahmed likes to swim and at my gym they don't have pools.
    Fate...if only they have a bit more supervision, and a more stuff for boys to do. A coupl of days ago when I spoke with the manager, she told me "I know you boys they are my friends"....Ok... I know my boys are very friendly and popular, that isn't my complain. These boys need to be directed and have more to do, I keep on repeating to her but she isn't even listening.

  4. my sister enrolled my niece and nephew last summer in champions... my niece had a good time and she benefited from her classes a lot ... my nephew on the other hand enjoyed his swimming classes and taekwando but I've check on him few times and more than once I've seen the kids sitting doing nothing or sometimes talking and runing around (they don't control them much)

  5. Q8travelbud...Yes! this is what I saw when I checked out Champions. I really liked their program and classes...but they've taken more kids than they are capable of handeling. Same goes with Flex...they only have about three trainers?!! It is just shameful that such a good idea has been neglected like this.