Saturday, July 31, 2010

Road Rage - Must Read!!!

Our car. It makes wonder how fast the other guy was driving.
My kids were sitting at the back. My Kids were sitting at the back!!!
It was a simple Friday afternoon. Fahad was ill, so we didn't go out and I sent the kids off to the club. Nothing interesting just a lazy day of food, and movies and I at the kitchen trying some ice cream mixes. Then I get a call from the driver who was supposed to be on the way to pick up the boys. He tells me he is in an accident. Of course my first concern was my boys. He assured me they were all ok. In matter of crisis I get very calm until I asses the whole situation. It was a wonder I managed to change very quickly, leaving a frantic Fahad behind and drove to where the accident was. Half way through the driver calls me again and tells me they were all going to AlDe3ia Station. The accident happened at the cross road from the Gulf Road which takes you directly to the Second Ring Road. To what the driver explained to me he was standing in the middle lane and signaling left to turn under the bridge which takes him to Fahad Bin Abdulaziz road. The other driver was coming from the left lane and was speeding to go straight into the Second Ring Road (aka. The Love Road), when it is common knowledge that driving on the left lane means you're turning left. No. Al7abeeb was speeding and collided with our car. Now, I arrive at AlDi3ya Station, and the first thing I notice is the dent in the car, and I was thinking, how fast that other guy was driving??? It is at a traffic light for God's Sake! How fast was he driving to make this kind of damage to the car which had my kids in it!!! I quickly looked for my kids. They were so relieved to see me. When Abdulaziz got out of the car he threw himself at me and started crying, "I was very scared mama." He said to me. "Are you hurt?" "I just hit my head on the window." I checked his head but couldn't see clearly in the dark. I check out Ahmed who still doesn't understand the gravity of the situation. And the nanny who was looking very pale. They were shaken but all fine. "Madame that boy was driving very fast." She tells me. I turn to look at the boy she pointed at. He was a boy! Between 19-21 years of age, from the looks of him, and his car was Smokey silver Chevrolet truck! "He was speeding. We were turning left and he wanted to go straight, and hit the car." That was John our cook. He and his family have been in the employment of my husbands family for the past 30 years. I ask him if it wasn't Raju's fault, and he assures me it wasn't Raju's mistake. Raju already had the left signal on, and was ahead of the other car before they were hit, and I believe him. Raju was nowhere to be found. He went to make copies of the license and car registration. I give a call to Fahad and assure him the kids and the staff were all fine and that I'll be heading back home soon. I still couldn't keep my eyes off the dent in the car, and the worst case scenarios started playing in my head, and my worst nightmare came popping as clear as the day I've witnessed it. Years ago, before I got married and had kids of my own. I witnessed a traffic accident and one of the cars had kids in it, the driver was disoriented, the nanny was screaming, and I remember clearly one of the kids was bleeding from his head. Men from other cars rushed to them and I remember the one was carrying the child who was bleeding and rushing him to his car and off to the hospital. The bleeding boy, not more than 6 years old, was crying for his mommy, the other kid even smaller than his brother was crying hysterically. Then all semblance of calm evaporated. This could have happened to my kids. My kid could be bleeding when I'm far away from him. Al7amedallah I believe in "Gatha2 w Qadar", but I will never accept that my child gets hurt because of a road rage king of the road no sense of responsibility 19-21 something years of age SOB!!! It is a wonder I didn't hit him and buried him where he was standing inside the police station. No. I will not accept it. When I asked him if he cared. He said the investigator will determine who is right or wrong. I told him I didn't care who is right or wrong. It was obvious he was wrong, I want to know if he cared there were children in the car! There was a woman, the nanny, who is also a mother, and the driver, a man, a father with his own children. There was John, who isn't only a cook, but practically a member of the family! Did he even think about the lives in the car when he hit it? Did he check on the kids inside the car after he collided into it? From the look on his face, and when he turned and walked away it was obvious, he didn't care. I was dragged out of the station. The officers, although neutral, but understood the rage I was in. I left then. My dear brother came to follow the investigation after I left, which is still going on because that other driver refuses to be wrong. The investigator, whoever he is, was in a hurry to leave, so he gave us another appointment for this week. To Fahad and I, it isn't a matter of who is right or wrong. Or who is going to fix and pay for the car. Al7amedallah, e7na ahal 5air. It was and is a matter of principle! This guy was speeding. Driving as if "Alshare3 Share3 abou!". Not caring about the lives around him and no sense of responsibility. Not caring there are children in the car he collided with. Not caring that he endangered the lives of the children and the people in the car. And We do not accept it. WE DO NOT ACCEPT IT! Something should be done about those speed crazed drivers. A law should be made just for them, to be conscious of those around them on the road. They have to be held accountable as long as they are speeding! I am so incensed, so infuriated I was ready to bury him where he was standing. I want to teach him and others like him a lesson. Will we make it easy for him? No! I made Fahad swear on my life and those of our children to make an example out of him. I am still angry and infuriated. Alf Al7amedallah 3ala salamat 3yali w 3ala salamat alnas elli fee amanatna. W ma agool ela 7asbyallah wa ne3ma alwakeel.


  1. kha6aakom il soowww :( .. allah 7afadh'hom walla.. as a mother i can only imagine what you were going through !! boys at that age act stupid o mahamhom ila nafs'hom.. bas sadgeeny he wont forget and when he becomes a father o e7ees eb ghalat il dhanna he will feel worse about what happened ... the clown !!

  2. First ..5a6akom elsue and el7amdellah 3ala salamt your kids.

    I blame the person behind the wheel. I speed from time to time but my eyes are on the road If i notice anything wrong infront I would slow down. I wouldn't pass a red light. I wouldn't take a wrong U-Turn just because I am too lazy to drive 100 meteres and take that U-Turn.

    It is the mentality of the person. That guy who was driving doesn't care because he has no feelings. If this happens to someone in his family it would've been different.

  3. Salamat ... o alhamdellah that everyone is all right (but still check on ur kids just incase for any internal bleeding God forbids) ... Unfortunately we do have laws ... but I've seen this and heard it many times ... those people are above that law because the people implementing it are even more corrupted ... A guy at work has a friend who lost his entire family in an accident by a careless boy ... but they released the driver ... and if they didn't his family would come and threten them ... it looks like a jungle law and the survival is for the stronger .... I am like you I have to get what I want as a matter of principle ... so I really hope that this one won't get away ...

  4. Kha6akum el sow! Thank God the children were all right!

    In civilized countries, the one on the far left must take a u-turn, the one in the middle goes left or straight. That reckless, irresponsible kid is definitely mistaken.

    My aunt was killed by a SOB who is the same age as this idiot. But he did not even have a license, and was driving extremely fast. It was a miracle my other aunt didn't get killed in that same accident. The boy is still roaming free. Unfortunately, this is a country where the law is simply not implemented, and we people have to suffer for it.

  5. Thank you all, Kha6akom al lash inshallah! I'm still seething, I didn't sleep that night, checking on Abdulaziz every half hour pinching his little nose just to make sure he was responding to me. I did call our physician on the way and he told me to observe him, if his head begins to hurt and he feels nauseated I should him bring him right away. Al7amedallah now he is better.
    Fahad wouldn't let the boys go when we got back home, he was holding them to him until they fell asleep in his arms.
    In my opinion...driving 90kmh or driving 130kmh will all bring you to your destination, so why not drive safely? Why not drive 90kmh? If you're a good driver there might be one around you who isn't.
    For this driver... I want him to be stripped and whipped! 50 times, ten lashes for every person who was in the car, I want his blood to pooled around his knees and maybe...I'll feel satisfied. Fahad requested that guys father to be present during the interogation, and he won't let him go easy, even if it drags on and on.
    Unfortunately the wasta and ignoring the law isn't being is a hurdle which needs to be broken. Human lives are very precious. Again Something must be done!

    Enigma...I'm sorry about your aunt. Allah yer7amha w sakenha fasee7 janatah.

  6. kha6akom esso! bel 7adeed wala fil3yaal - alla sitar! God I wish we have harsher punishments for such drivers, maskeen oboy gabel fatra ham shabaab mestahtereen o el driver kanat mas7ooba ejazta 3ashan 3inda history of teshefi6!!! Bas sahalaaat systemna el7emdella wesheker may7asboonhom 3adil!!!

  7. W3liya! Kha6akom il so2! ma tshofon shar o 7amd le Allah 3la salamat il yahal...

    wallah waqe7 hal walad... foog hal da3ma mo 3ajba ygol mo '3l6aan? o il mo7aqeq ishna6er? eshyabelha y3ni? who drove wrongly o mino d3m il thanee o khlasnaa

    ana wyakom el mas2ala mas2alat mabda2... shelle imwadena ib dahiya '3air kilmat 7a9al khair o 6awfoha hal marra o hal mojamalat ile ma itwadee wla etyeeb !

  8. Ansam...'7a6ach al lash w 7amdilla 3ala salamat your father too!!! I know we need a harsher punishment, but also education...most parents buy cars to their kids without educating them first! Yallah haq alsayara! and they don't care what they are doing in the streets.

    Danderma..'7a6ach al lash sweetie w allah yesalmich... you know my brother was there at the first investigation and he told me al mo7aqeq kan byelabsna al'7a6a. My brother refused of course and the other driver refused. so they gave them another appointment for tomorrow evening. No my hubby will not let it go easily. Hathi almushqela hal mujamalat elli la twadi wala teyeeb.

  9. Omg, kash sh3ar yanbey!
    5a6akum elsow o bel7adeed wala fee elarwa7!
    el7mdella 3ala salamat elboys o allah ya7fe'6hum inshallah :**

  10. Thank you Zabooo6a...'7a6ach al lash w allah yesalmich :***

  11. OMG! Allah salam w sittar! 5a6akom esso w 7amdilla 3ala salamat 3azizan w Hamada!
    Hatha mistahter mo metrabi! Al 7ayat 5elq! w alt3amel 5leq w hatha wa7ed waqi7 w 3adeem al a5laq! Aqeed la7egla wa7da w mantebah 3ala sayartkom.
    Dalal don't let him get out of it easy. Make him an example of it! Make him feel his mistake! I know Fahad is very tough when it's called for! Let him make the guy pay for it!

  12. '7a6ach al lash Nofa... al7amdellah w inshallah Fahad will not make it easy for him. :)

  13. OMG!!!!!
    how are u feeling noww??
    that's scary! people don't just drive fast in kuwait! but recklessly too..
    they should really consider their own lives and the lives of others!
    the government should stop giving out licences based on wasta but actual ability to drive...
    people seem to consider life to be cheap! its soo sad! :(
    i'm soo glad everyone is safe!
    hope ur recovering from the shock..
    if u need anything just say ;*

  14. OMG, Dalal, I'm glad to hear the kids are ok..I'm sure you are beyond livid, as any mother would be. Anything new happen with the boy? I just want to know how many people have to die or be injured before they start to do something in this country? Our neighbor's 10 year old son was riding his bike in front of our house and was hit by a kid speeding down my street (you know my area, how can anyone speed down the streets?!?) Unfortunately, he did not survive. My kids and husband saw the boy dying in the street. The one who hit him was 18 years old, just got his license a few days before. I'm sure everyone has a story to tell about a loved one they lost or someone they know who was killed. One of my x students lost 5 of his friends in different accidents all in the same year. Kuwait needs to wake up and actively enforce the laws, regardless of WHO is breaking them.

  15. Wet Knickers & Snow... Thanks sweeties... The boys are Ok. They got over it by now, I hope. I'm still screaming bloody murder! I'm the type of "An eye for and eye"... The investigation is still going on... alwaqi7 said the other evening "I want them to fix my car!"
    Well, now its a formal case or whatever it's called.
    But something has to be done about it. I'm trying to find a way, and everytime I ask someone, they tell me "Don't even Bother!".

  16. I know how you feel...the whole thing that happened to Faisal in Magic Planet infuriates me but as of yet, nothing has happened. We too are getting the 'don't waste your time' line. The more I think about it, the more I want to take the law into my own hands and probable would if I knew who they were!!