Friday, June 4, 2010

We'll Make it a Field Trip!

OKAY... I'm one of those crazed fans who can't wait for the movie to come out!!! I'm flying off to Dubai for the movie..who wants in?? We'll make it a field trip!


  1. memememememememememme MEEEEEEEEEEE

    it won't show in Q8 at the same time?? yesawonha wallah o ymne3ona o china il 3eed!

  2. Tara min siji!!! mo te3algeeni??? I will remind you!!! First week of July! Dubai min al9eb7 wenred belail...OK?

  3. eclipse!! when is it coming ouuuut!? widi bs ilthuroof usual i will have to watch the "heads walking around the cinema" version..sad:(

  4. boudoir...we'll go early morning and return late in the evening... how about that? inshallah it will be played at Festival City which is 6 min from the rush ;)

  5. 1. Why dubai? Is it not showing in kuwait?
    2. The saga is the crappiest set of books ever written. Very weak plot. And WTH sparkling vampires?? Jacob falls in love with Bella then imprints on the daughter. Again WTH??
    3. You realize the book were written by a Mormon to promote abstinence. Which is good especially since westerners in general have a high teen pregnancy rate (oo il7amdallah 3l 3fya enna we noe dynna).

    I'll be dragged into the movie again with my sister regardless :/
    Anyways totally get u taylor is HOTTT <- the compensation ;p

    Love ur blog, silent reader ;)

  6. Anonymous!!! You comment is a good start to my day :D clearly you're not into romance. As for abstinence..well not to worry about it since we have it here (26 years of abstinence!!) ;p
    1. In Kuwait its censored! a dilicious kiss the result of the romantic build up in the story is cut!!! And a trip to Dubai is fun! a whole different buzz to it.
    2. Yeah I do agree the plot is a bit weak. But the romance...*sigh* went through all four book!!! Right??? If you didn't like them even a little bit you wouldn't have gone through all of them..Come on confess!! ;)
    3. I agree (I feel like a perverted cougar) that kids hot!!! and as my compensation (again cougar) Kellan Lutz..he is hot! ;ppp
    Thanks :)