Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry - Book Review

Late one evening I received a message from my Sis Reem "La ye6oofich Big Girls Don't Cry! It is hilarious! Can't stop laughing!" I look it up and it sounds interesting. I drop it in my amazon basket but never got around to place the order, then I look it up on my ebooks site and what ya know...its there and I download it but there was some kind of problem and wouldn't open. A couple of days ago my nephew comes back to K-Town for the summer and he has this big bag filled with books and among them BGDC!!!! Thanks Reem :*** I finished reading the book in two days! Yes It was funny and romantic, sometimes annoying, and the style reminded me of Danderma's writing ;) If you like Yawmiyat Wa7da Q8ya Dathra you'll like this book! :)
Leena may be down on her luck—but big girls don’t cry. They get even... Leena Riley has returned to her hometown of Rock Creek with her tail between her legs. Her fabulous plus-size modeling career in Chicago never took off, and now the only job she can land is as a receptionist in a veterinarian’s office. She has to be desperate to work for Cole Flannigan… Being two years older than Cole never spared her from his taunts in school. Now all grown up, Cole is still the golden boy, a sexy charmer with commitment issues and a short attention span—until Leena and her curves strut into his life. And though she turns his office upside-down, he can’t resist the animal attraction that makes him look at Leena in a whole new light…
Author's Website:
http://www.cathielinz.com/ Check out her other books ;)


  1. it reminded me of Fergie's song and hot of all HOTNESS Milo Ventimiglia :)

    I'm gonna add this book to my list :D

  2. Just bought it for my kindle!:D

    Since ur a fan of romance novels, (like me) then you HAVE to read Rachel gibson's books! absolutely amazing! or suzan elizabeth philips annnd lori foster... I have almost all their books and looking for more! I'm sure u will too...

  3. Sounds good,
    I'll add it to my summer reads :)

  4. Swera it is a good read...I got mixed up the first time I heard the title thinking my sis got it wrong becaause of Fregie's song ;) Milo!!! Hot hot hot!!! ;p

    Zaina... I love Susan Elezabeth Philips books, I've got most of them they have a special shelf in my book case. HOT!!! I can't remember if I have Racher Gibson or Lori Foster somewhere... Nora Roberts books are entertaining... So is Linda Howards...I got lots of historical and fantasy romances too don't know where to start ;p

    The Coconut cake... I hope you'll enjoy it ;)

  5. That was good post to read :) thankss 4 sharingg

  6. Tazmania any time!!! Will post some more this week inshallah ;)