Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tidbits Here & There

Crapy Day! When they say bad things comes in threes? Well it came in three… 1-Early meeting with the stupidest person I ever met.
I wanted to throw my hot coffee in his face. 2-Misplaced my planner note book….with lots and lots of entries,
an't remember half of them.
3- A tense discussion with someone dear to me.
Left me in a bad mood for the rest of the evening. AntiSocial! People lable me as an antisocial person. I am not!
I love my friends and gathering and going out and doing new stuff.
But my priority is my family, my family as my hubby and kids.
They come first and people don't seem to understand that.
I am not at their beck and call. Honestly I careless what they think of me.
There is this person, who thinks that I'm like her little puppy,
when she snaps her fingers I'm right there at her heels.
It has been going on for years now…and strange
thing she doesn't get it!!! Since I stopped talking with her, she sends others to me. "Tara istiqbal flana is soon." One of them tells me. "So?" I'm so bored with this old game. "You have to be there." "No I don't have to be anywhere I don't want to be." Not that I don't want to be.
*Snap Snap* Heel girl!! "What would people say if they don't see you?" "Whatever, as if I care what people think." End of discussion. Plans Plans Plans! As I've mentioned before…working on revamping my home…seriously needs a whole lot of change. I'm starting with the boyos room *shuddereing*.
I don't like to go there. It is chaos! Toys, clothes, books,
DVDs, more toys… walls scribbled on, chocolate smeared and God knows what!
The walls are currently Lavenderish blue… which needs to be repainted.
I'm still debating what color to use. I'm between cool gray(whitish gray)
or pale green. Any suggestions? Then my living room, will be next. I've already started with clearing some books.
So far I have a large number of historical romances,
which my sister passed on to me after she was done with them.
I do read them, but I'm not too much into historical romances.
If you're interested send me a message and I'll send you a list of the books,
will be too happy to find them a good home. After the living room, I'll see to my bedroom. I hate the color (not my choice).
I'm contemplating pale colors but still I haven't made up my mind yet.
Again any suggestions? Projects Working on this project and I hope it will be done before November. It is interesting and fun and at the same time very stressful. The problem, I need some equipments that aren't available here, and those which are available are unbelievably pricy and not the best of quality!! Summer Vacation!!! May God Save My Sanity! What am I going to do with two rowdy boys??? Well, summer camp is for sure, but I can't let them spend a whole day there. Whatever Abdulaziz learned this past school year will evaporate in these two months!!! Even Ahmed, he should have basic skills, which I will work on this coming months. Mornings, Mama's School!!!! I have already outlined a schedule for Abdulaziz. Revision in French, English, Arabic, Islamic Studies, History& Geography, Science and two Art Projects and two books to read (yes…I'm Tough but it isn't as bad as it sounds). Then the same thing as preparation for next school year. There will be movie nights, a lot of his friends are spending
the summer here. He won't be lonely. Evenings Athletic Summer Camp, plus special classes in swimming and maybe Tennis. I'm going to join the club with them for extra exercise sessions and to keep an eye on them.


  1. But.. but it's summer! On behalf of them mesakeen i would like to say that we don't want revision! Summer is for forgetting schoool!!! Studying in the summer? You are one tough mama...

    on another thought... maybe every body revising school during the summer for the kids these days!? Is that the case? i am a bit outdated o i wouldn't know because my baby sister has one more year of college left so its been years since she was helped by us in school... maybe things have changed since her time?

  2. LOL!! Believe me they have a lot of play time!!! Well yeah...when he was younger we used to read alot of books during summer and do some revisions before school starts but now there are so much to cover don't know where to start :) This year has been just awful and the teachers terrible... I don't feel my kid had the satisfactory knowledge he should've had.

  3. laaaaa khaleeehum yirta7on! ive got a friend who does the exact same thiiing to her kids! ok i think its good for the kids minds (yitnasha6) bas the summer holidays is the time they will remember when they grow up..tbeenhum yathkiroon ildirasa wiygolon mastanasna hehehe..bas mashallah 3alaich U R a good mother.

    about ur friends and family subject. i dont think ur anti social at all! i mean u wanted to go out with me for coffee sometime!;p not wat an anti social person would say! i got that said about me a people who just saw me in family old women gatherings! hellooo how is a "girl" supposed to show u she has friends and a life! by showing u pictures and telephone bills or what!? people people..i respect that ur family comes first and it should! coz believe me when it comes o other girls they will feel the same even if they dont act it..o ba3dain if she wants u to come she can send an sms mu ila it6arish nas..

    about ur home redecorating.for the boys i would go for the grey not the green,,it goes good with anything..never never do the green..ive seen this gorgeous color that a kind of turqoise petrol color i would never have gone with it but i saw it in a friend's place and it was beautiful! check out this site u can coose a room and chnge background wall 2 see how the paint will look like:

  4. Boudoir... I'm going for gray for the boys.. the furniture I chose for them is metal gray and burned brown..white and gray drapes...

    about friends and family subject... some people see what they want to see and understand what they want to understand and don't see beyond the tip of their noses..w hathi mushkila...

    The kids... let me tell you what happens every morning... nijra...9ra5... 7osa... w sh6ana ;p but if they are occupied they don't have time for all of this :) we do a little studying during the day and fun during the evenings ;)
    It doesn't harm them ;) Thanks :) inshallah yebayen eb3ainhom when I'm old and gray ;ppp

  5. allah ykhaleehum lich.. amazing mother.. reminded me of my mama :*

  6. **Blushing** Thanks boys are amazing brats too ;p just a little guidance here and there ;)