Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fantasy World & the Birthday Wish List

Again I paid a visit to Fantasy World for gift shopping. As much as I've been there I have never noticed the Birthday Wish List service until that day!!! Well the child will be given a number where he/she can make a list of the toys he/she wants from Fantasy World, and then mention the number on the invitation card. This way the child gets he/she wants and no duplicate or unwanted toys. Good idea! Right? Well my initial reaction was "3aib"! But then I remembered one of Abdulaziz's birthday party and the three identical remote control cars he got. Well half the gifts he got were not him or suitable for him. I'd rather have the money spent on a gift donated to charity. Now it's your turn to say what you think of this? Another cool thing I noticed it a sea scooter. I might get it if we plan a trip to the Chalet or something. Prices begin from KD65 - KD130 depending on the model.
Four different models to choose from.
Cool right?

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