Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Birthday In Pictures ;)

First of all… I want to Thank all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday!!! And those special friends who dedicated a post on their blog for me :D Love you all!!! Really made my day!! Birthdays are special in my household. As Queen of my Kingdom, I bake my special chocolate cake and let the boyos decorate it. This time Ahmed helped me with the cake and Abdulaziz decorated it. The chocolate cake is a tradition in my home. I bake it at every birthday party for my boyos, but it is only for us, we don't share ;p Nah….we do, but not all the time ;pp Since I got married, every year we have our cake after lunch and my birthday dinner at Peacock. I got my birthday present a couple of months ago, as an early present, and another one which is still pending because I'm not ready to receive it yet. Maybe by the end of this year ;)
Ahmed mixing the ingredients
Abdulaziz decorating with a little messy help from Ahmed
Can you make out Happy B-Day Dalal??
But it is lovely!
The artist behind the decoration!
Voila!!! I had a couple of bites saving my appetite for dinner.
Their cashew and condiments
Vegetable spring rolls.... we also had shrimp on toast.
I was so hungry at that point...I forgot to take pictures of it.
Singaporean Noodles
Shredded beef with Veggies
Sweet and Sour Hamour! Yumm!
Steamed rice
Chocolate mousse cake w/ strawberries... do you think
I'll pass on chocolate??? ;p
Although Fahad doesn't like Hagendaz
he ordered it anyone...being the ice cream man
that he is :)
The perfect ending to a perfect dinner...
I wanted to order half of the menu...
but it was only Fahad and I... and I know
I wont eat all of it... next time inshallah :)
This Morning I had a slice of my cake with my coffee for
breakfast ;)


  1. awwww , adorable mashalaah , alaah y5alelichyahom :*

  2. wooooooooooow dodeeeeeee nice :*

  3. I'm in love with your boys :) alla y5aleelich yahom .. w shakel el cake 3ajeeba .. do you mind giving out the recipe :P

  4. wow...that's one fun birthday!! your sons are absolutely adorable...i love celebrating bithday..decorating , buying gifts..its all sooo much fun :)

  5. Thank you all!!! Ameen!!! 3asa allah ya7feth'hom. They are a couple of little devils ;)

    Curly curls... That is an original recipe for my business...but inshallah I'll find something similar and easier to make and post it :)

  6. looks nice..happy birthday :) Happy birtdhay..

  7. Ism Allah 3lehom il ra7man il ra7eem :D ya7eloo il cake wallah masha2 Allah shakelha very yum esp. for breakfast ...

    kil 21 years o intay bkhair o 9e77a o slama :*

  8. Danderma...Thank you :*** w entay eb5air inshallah :)

  9. ismallah ismallah raby ya7feth'hom,,i luv those lil men,,
    imagen i go to peacock every birthday too :))
    love you princess :***

  10. Thank You Mimi...those lil men are a handful ;p ask your mama :)
    Mimi...lets go out for coffee :)