Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fantasy World New Toys!!

The other week I passed by Fantasy World searching for some arts and crafts and educational toys for the boyos. I was so surprised to find a large selection of educational toys available. They were all amazing, I wanted to buy each one of them…but lets be realistic where shall I put them? The boyos room is very near to bursting with toys. But there are some I just might go back to buy such as the telescope and the frog (Abdulaziz is going to dissect a frog next school year so better get him ready). I got some artsy toys for the art project we'll be starting soon and My First Mosaic for Ahmed to learn shapes and colors.
I just loved this cake mix and decorating kit! For the cook
in your family...
I got this mosaic kit for Ahmed...
teach him shapes and colors
For the hyper aggressive kid in the family (Ahmed)
Anatomy... I love the little frog!
The day I went they were still opening new boxes with new amazing
toys and gadgets! Inshallah I'll be passing by soon to check out the new stuff ;)
Way to Go Fantasy World!!!
More toys to build the mind and character of the child!!!

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