Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Half Week in One Post

Hmmm… how was your weekend? I hope better than mine? Well… let me see where to start? Woke up Tuesday morning with a stuffy head and feeling physically tired. God! I hope Fahad hasn't passed his flu on to me!!! But I had to go to Abdulaziz's end of year school show. Wed. morning…woke up with runny nose and a killer headache and a soar throat. I spent the whole day at home resisting going back to bed and playing patty cake with Ahmed. He too, poor baby has a runny nose. Anyway, Fahad sends me a message telling me there is a great flu medicine in the cabinet and I should take a couple of pills. Ok! I'm not the medicine type, but at this point a stuffy head, runny nose and full schedule next week. I went for it! Within half an hour, I was knocked out of my feet! The next thing I know Fahad was trying to wake me up around 7:30pm!!! What happened? What happened to my day? Where are the kids? I missed Abdulaziz. He came back from school did his homework went to bed and I haven't seen my baby!!! "What did you make me take!!!" I complain to Fahad as I tried to get up. "Just flu medicine." "What kind of medicine knocks you out of your socks! A whole day passes by and I'm unconscious! It is worse than the anesthetic I had in the past." I just hated it, being a control freak and losing control in this way. "Have a couple of days rest and you'll be ready for next week." Mr. Fahad Spock is so full of logic and very amused to see me so disoriented. Well I had a cup of soup and went back to sleep until the next evening! I did wake up in between but went back to sleep and it was only that first time I took this medicine!
Clash Of the Titans... it is what I call
A Large PopCorn Movie!!
Very fun to watch.
Friday I was up and about, but I had to catch up on work. Yeah, when you have your own business to run you don't have days off, especially if your husband is the boss! No, he doesn't cut you slack! After Friday's prayer, I pack the kids and shipped them off to my parents, I must say I'm blessed with wonderful sisters and brothers, my kids are lucky to have aunties and uncles like them. They took them out during the day and my brother sat with Abdulaziz and read with him the two chapters I assigned for him to read. While working I felt miserable and guilty because I wasn't with my kids, I missed them so much, and my heart wasn't in my work which meant I messed up a little here and there.
I was done by 5.30pm got back home at the same time as Fahad. He brought lunch with him. Yeah, my husband isn't the healthy food type of person. So I junked on food and laid down with my feet off the floor. My whole body was in pain! So I turned on some movies I got from my DVD dealer (it sounds soo nasty). A very clear bootlegged Clash of the Titans! Yay! I really like the action. I know the whole mythology and it’s a remake for the 1981 movie. After that I watched "The Runaways", amazing movie about the rise and fall of the 1970's all girls rock group. It was very disturbing to watch Dakota Fanning, who grew up before my eyes doing sex and drugs in the movie! But it was a great movie nevertheless. Then Fahad calls me from the living room, Star Trek movie was on Showmovies! Yay!!! By that time the kids were back and we spent the rest of the evening with kids munching on popcorn and watching Star Trek.
Don't miss this movie if you haven't watched
it yet! It a heart breaking story of the Runaways group.
Great preformance from Dakota and suprisingly Kristen Stewart!!!
My Red Velvet... topped with creamy vanilla cream.
(Not butter cream)
Saturday morning I shipped them off to the family home again, while I went to work. I feel depressed. I finished early and wanted them to get back home but they're enjoying their time with their '7alou Falah. I think he is letting them play PlayStation with him.
Fahad and I had a quiet tete a tete lunch. We watched TV but I felt restless and wasn't in the mood of going out, so I decided to bake! Working in the kitchen always eases whatever negative emotion I'm going through. I love chopping!!! It is eases aggression in a person, good anger management therapy ;) I made cookies and red velvet cupcakes. I just don't understand what's the hype about red velvet cupcakes? I tried each one of them in the cupcake market. It is filled with a lot of sugar and red food coloring (Not my recipe) and it's still my least favorite. I'm going to experiment this week with new flavors such as hazelnut and coffee. So I'll let you know how it goes.

My Cookies!!! I have a basic recipe and I can add whatever

flavors I like. This one is a classic, chocolate chip and walnut.

The kids came back, I sent the driver to pick them earlier than usual. Of course each one of them had some kind of complaint or a story to say. We laid together in bed, reading La Caban Magique, until they fell asleep. So cute and sweet smelling allah ya7feth'hom inshallah w y5aleehom lee.

These adventure series are a great read of boys and girls.

Each book takes them somewhere new in history, culture

and literture. It is also available in English at the Kuwait

Book Shop.


  1. My idea of a weekend ib 9ara7a :D

    It is too hot and too crowded to go anywhere else... bs shino hal medicine ele yenawem o yas6el chithee?!!!

  2. LOL!!! I know its very hot, on Friday had to stop by sultan on the way to work and lost my car in parking lot...can't remember where I parked it and it was unbelievably hot!!!
    The medicine Mama in law brought it from Eastern Europe...but its a flu medicine. sa6alni 3adel ;p

  3. busy weekend!! allah ykhaleelich raylich w 3yalich w ykhaleech lihum inshala ;*

  4. Mar8adoosh...Thank you sweetie :**

  5. this is the best weekendd! weekends in kuwait should be spent indoors whether at home or shalaih coz it just sucks outside..i love how ur such a good mother mashallah missing ur kids and them being everything in ur life alah ykhalehum lich..and i love that u work for ur hubby thats how its supposed to be (i always wantd to do my own thing)..cookies loook so goood bil3afya..what happened with the renovating

  6. It is a lazy weekend...but sometimes you wish to have a change of scenery. Now that vacation has started...allah yaster they will grow restless.
    Thanks sweetie w inshallah rabi yarzegich and you'll be a great mother too :***
    Hubby made me work all through my pregnancy ;p he is such a mean boss ;pp
    Think about what you like? I used to be a banker and hated every single day of it! until I resigned after having Abdulaziz. I helped now and then until I formally became an employee ;p
    But when you do something you love it is worth standing on your feet for hours ;p
    Right now I'm clearing the bed room and having it painted I already got some furniture for the boys. I still haven't made up my mind about the living room yet :) w 9arli cham yom bas ajred a'3arath mabihom ;)