Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pomegranate Soup - Book Review

About the Book:
Beautiful strangers bring exotic recipes to town in Mehran's foodie-lit debut. The Irish hamlet of Ballinacroagh is the unlikely new home for three Iranian sisters and their new Babylon Cafe. Twenty-seven-year-old Marjan, the most skilled in the kitchen; Bahar, the tentative middle sister; and Layla, the charming teenager, fled the Iranian revolution and, after some years in London, have arrived determined to succeed. Initially wary natives soon fall under the spell of the cafe's cardamom- and rosewater-scented wonders, with kindly Estelle Delmonico (the stereotyped Italian widow who formerly owned the storefront) and friendly Father Mahoney leading the pack. But town bully Thomas McGuire, who loathes "feckin' foreigners," and gossip Dervla Quigley, who thinks "they're all sluts," will do anything to drive the sisters away. As Marjan cements alliances through her recipes and Layla falls in love with McGuire's son, Bahar continues to be troubled by the violence in her past. Can the provincial Irish welcome the "foreigners"? Will the sisters triumph? But of course! Mehran's mauve prose gets especially purple sometimes (Layla feels love "like the ecstatic cries of a pomegranate as it realized the knife's thrust"), but fans of Chocolat and other cooking-overcomes-cultural-differences stories will savor the tale, not to mention the 13 recipes, including one for pomegranate soup
What I thought:
Its an amazingly enjoyable light read, with a recipe at the begining of every chapter. A beautiful story about change, hope, love and exotic food. Just delicious! Made me hungry all through the book and I went for Iranian Food after that ;) If you liked Chocolat by Joanne Harris, then you will like this one for sure :) I highly recommend it.


  1. i have to confess i didnt read all what uwrote except for the first 2 lines..why? because i got interested and may get it and read it;)

  2. If you don't find it just tell me...I'll lend you my copy ;)