Friday, June 18, 2010

Leo Africanus - Book Review

Hassan Al Wazzan known as Leo Africanus (Christened by this name by Pope Leo X) is one of my favorite books by Amin Malouf. Yes I read literary books too, not only trashy romances as some liked to point out. It is one of my many books which I like to reread every now and then. It is the wonderful biographical adventures of traveler Hassan Al Wazzan in the late 1400. It is a historical fiction which takes to different parts of the world starting from Andalusia through the Sahara to Timbuktu to Cairo and finally to Rome, yet, with no historical inaccuracies. I love how Amin Malouf portrayed and described every character, with their different backgrounds and beliefs; and scenes of Cities and Palaces were accurately illustrated in a way which makes you feel as if you are standing right now in this particular place and taking in all the textures and colors. In this book we learn that people are from different backgrounds, ideas, cultures and religions, and there are the good and the bad, and no one is perfect. I highly recommend this book to those who like adventures, travel and history.


  1. i googled it and looks like what u said.. looks like enjoyable to read :)


  2. loooks good! hehehe i laughed bout the trashy romances..haw kil wa7id kaifa why do they ned to point that out:P but i cant imagine rereadin a book 3indi malyon lail7en magaraithum and most are 1500+ pages
    the only fiction books im in to other than dan brown is these types of books, historical fiction, bcoz theyre so real more than the regular modern fiction

  3. Sheftay eshloon!!! Al nas ma t5ali alwa7ed eb7ala...but the good thing about moderating comments is you're your own dictator over your blog ;pp I read all sorts of books, depending on my mood. I tend to lean over fantasy and paranormal and romances (historical or contemporary) but sometimes I feel my brains aren't getting any food so I go for something deeper ;ppp 1500 pages!!! That is even too much for me too ;p The only big book I read was an 800+ book which took me all through my pregnancy because its such detailed book and its a fantasy!
    This is an amazing book. It takes in a different time, different places, colorful characters, a must read, and if you check my previous book review, Pomegranate Soup, it is another fiction, lighter read and very entertaining. ;)

  4. heheh comment moderation rocks:P ur right it kills the brain sometimes thats why im more into non fiction (not biographies)..yes surprisingly the books i go for are that big thats why i take too long to finish reading..i will check out that pomegranate book

  5. I'd lend you my copy but its in french... but if you can't find Pomgranate Soup just tell me I'll lend you mine ;)