Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art Project - First Try

We Started on our first project. Spinning art with
my kids names and phrases... Unfortunately I was surprised
by the size of the paper, I thought it would be bigger.
The papers are as big as my plams. If you plan to buy
it make sure to check out the papers.
So We got it started I made the boys choose to colors
for their names and glitter. Ahmed.
3ain AlSai7 عين السيح
More spinning...
AlZain Kilah الزين كله My plan is to make a large frame, with the boys names
and Kuwaiti phrases...but the papers are small and we ran out of them.
I have to go looking for new cards or see a different
brand of art spinner, because in the end this one just stopped working. :s


  1. Allaaaah! Thakkarni bel Tivoli in Spain! They have a station with BIG ones that you do with colors and all... I have so many of those since I was a kid till few years back! It never gets old

  2. I'll keep it in mind when we go to Spain inshallah... The boys had a blast making these I'm looking for a spinner with bigger paper and better quality. :)