Monday, June 7, 2010

House of Hunks

Slang Dictionary hunk definition: n.a strong and sexually attractive male. : Who was that hot hunk I saw you with?
The Honors of first post go to one of my favorite Hunks ;)
Hugh Michael Jackman: born 12 October 1968, is an Australian actor and producer who is involved in film, musical theatre and television.


  1. OK...this is a post I like ;) Be sure to include Gerard

  2. i think his hunk status is controversial...

    When he is Wolverine... he is the ultimate hunk...
    When he is anything else... madry damah thegeel o jaikar...

    Same thing with the guy from LOTR... legolas nesait ismah shino... he is hunky as legolas... take off the wig and he is the ultimate 3bee6 :p

    Classics like George Clooney, Sean Connery, and Tom Cruise are always in fashion though :D

    ooh o ako that guy from lost? Boone?! Now that is one good looking hunk Masha2 Allah... 7safa they killed him off in the first season!

  3. Snow...wait till next week ;)

    Danderma... come on!! Hugh Jackman is very very delicious in every way and part he played. In Van Helsing he took my breath away!!!
    LOTR... is Orlando Bloom..not my type but women do find him hot ;pp
    I haven't watched Lost not my type of show..but I think you mean by Ian he stars in the Vampire Diaries as evil brother Damon. Very HAWT ;)
    I don't like Tom Cruise...but Georgey and Sean double shots of Hawt!!!
    Wait till next week ladies :)

  4. I don't think Tom Cruise is hawt, he's just weird, anyhoo here are some suggestions for you Dalal....Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Patrick Dempsey, Antonio Banderas (in Desperado of course) just to name a few :D

  5. LOl!!! Thanks Snow ;)
    Yeah Tom is weird ;p

  6. everything in him is HUNKILICIOUS :)

    I just love him in everything he does :))))

  7. Swera...who doesn't??? as yummy as a cupcake ;p