Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Backup Plan - Movie Review

She is cute... but I think she should stick with singing for the time.
Kids out of the house... Fahoodi down with the flu and wrapped in throws to keep him warm, napping on the sofa with the Kleenex box not far away from him. I go to our room and play The Backup Plan, romantic comedy which I've been wanting to watch for the past week since I got it, starring Jennifer Lopez and Hunky Aussie Alex O'Loughlin (Hot hot hot).
First... I hate J-Lo, in a good way, for her super sexy abs!!! I was thinking while watching her exercising... "Hmmm.... I have to give up sugar, carbs and live on air only for the next 10 years to get a bod like this one." God! Makes me feel so depressed!!!
Now I know why the retards at MOH banned the movie... not because it talks about artificial insemination from an unknown donor or single parenting is Okay... no because the movie was really really stupid and a waste of time! There is no chemistry between J-Lo and Alex (actually his hotness made up for the lousy movie)... I felt the story is rushed in the beginning and didn't make any sense. Another thing...J-Lo has out done herself with the full make up and fake lashes!!
"...a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez. So it can’t be interesting at all." Boston Globe.


  1. Yes he is sooo hot!! and looks a lot younger than j-lo..and i do agree she should stick to singing, im not a big fan of her acting and dont usually want to see her movies i only kinda liked that maid in mahatten movie..u just gave me a big reason not to watch it:P

  2. He is... These Aussies are soo cute! I have topped Australia on my to go with girls places ;ppp Honestly not worth watching unless for the eyecandy ;p

  3. what i liked most about the movie is her bag <3 wayed 3jbtnee!

  4. shawaqteneee , i want to watch it

  5. i actually like to watch bad movies , just for the sake of the actors :P

  6. Danderma...her bag was nice...but the six packs was better ;p

    justnoon... for the sake of this hunky Australian...yeah worth it! ;ppp