Wednesday, June 16, 2010


First of all "Hail To all the Sporty Ladies" who I noticed exercising at the Avenues then having a hearty breakfast at Dean & Deluca!!!
I had a meeting at the Avenues and decided to take Ahmed with me. I dropped him off at Baroue and was browsing through the toys when I found Playmobils! I mentioned them in previous posts. They are amazing toys for kids with huge imagination! My boys would sit for hours playing with them. I can hear them making up stories and sound effects as they play and it makes me wonder what is going on in their little heads.
I usually ask my siblings when they are in France to buy them for the kids or I'd order them from Amazon France. Now they are available at Baroue, although a bit pricy but worth it.


  1. You won't imagine the love i have for playmobile ... we used to call them Lego growing up...

    i remember Eid il Feter in the one year it was in london... 1990... our grandfather had just given us our eidiya's and what do i do? i say i must must go out... i walk all alone all the way to Woolworths on Edgeware Road... march more like it... and buy all the Playmobiles i could buy with my eidiya... i still have them with me

    My 10th birthdy gift from my father was a red playmobile car... still have it

    Mom promised us gifts... whatever we wanted, if Kuwait was freed in 1990... i asked for a playmobile ambulance... which reminds me i must ask my mom why she never got around to buying it for me...

    o my biggest dream was the house! I had almost all the rooms of the pink oldies playmobile collection...

    o until this day i pass by o see them o check out how new they are... they are AMAZING and classics :D Might post about them one day!

    Thanx for the memories :****

  2. They are my favorite toys when I was a kid too;)
    I remember one year my mom had to return back to Kuwait and we stayed with my Dad... every weekend we'd go for a movie then to the the toy store for a playmobile toy or a barbie! It was heaven until my mother came back and put a stop to it :( Kina ga9een 3ala obooy maskeen ;p