Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smelling Sweet

A lot who kiss my kids, comment on how good my boys smell. Yes! I the proud mama have a huge grin on my face when people say that. It takes a lot of work making two rowdy stinking dirty boys smell so good! Plus it is summer and dusty so you can imagine the scents which waft when they come near you. Lol!!! Boys are Boys! The secret is water! Lots of showering during the day. Shower before going to school and showering after coming from school. Showering before outing and showering after they come back home! I've been using Mother Care Products, since I had Abdulaziz, they are gentle on the skin and smell so good. The body lotion is better than anything I've used on them. It moisturizes their dry skin and keeps them soft. The baby powder is cotton sweet and the shampoo and bubble bath fragrance lasts longer than you can imagine. Perfume plays a big role. It surprises me that some parents do not use perfume for their kids, their choice and I don't mean to sound judgmental, but as angelic as the child is, it is even better if he/she smelled good. For Abdulaziz, he is a little man now, he uses Carolina Herrara 212 the silver bottle, the perfume is clean and strong and keeps him smelling fresh all day. For Ahmed, because he is still a chubby baby, he uses Anais Anais from Cacharel, it is light and flowery and makes you want to eat him, it is also the same perfume my siblings and I used when were kids and all my aunts used it on all my cousins. It has become a trademark family scent. I also use Teeb and 3oud for special outings and occasions only, because their skin is still sensitive to the strong Arabic oil perfumes. Well… that's it, not a big seceret. Al Nathafa min Aliman… ;)
Mother Care Products are amazing!
Carolina Herrera 212 & Cacharel's Anais Anais


  1. i too love mothercare products
    where can i get this perfumes from?

  2. can find them at any shop which sells beauty products...Vavoom in Marina where I get mine, Baidoun, or beauty department shops at Co-ops.. :)