Monday, June 14, 2010

Ansam's Layered Salad

So I finally had a chance to take pics of this delicious yummy recipe from Ansam's Kitchen. I did it two times the first for a group of friends and the second time for a family gathering, and they both loved it!!! I added few of my favorite ingredients. I will note them at the end of this post ;) *Medium size cabbage, shredded *Medium size red cabbage, shredded *1 Cup sour cream *1 Large can corn *Around 2 cups grilled chicken strips *1 Cup Guacamole *Nachos, crushed Method *In a Pyrex, layer the ingredients as follows: 1. Cabbage 2. Red cabbage 3. Sour cream 4. Corn 5. Chicken 6. Guacamole 7. Nachos
I used Fajita seasoning mix to marinade my chicken
For over an hour.

I used Guacamole mix with my avocados.. and it is really Yummy.

For Today I mixed the cabbage instead of layering them. and put just a small amount

I added a generous amount of sour cream because my Chicken turned out to be a little bit spicy but still good.

I cooked my corn with burnt butter until it caramelized then I add red beans with it and cooked it for another few minutes.

Then I added the Guacamole (Yum!)

Then I added diced red pepper and green onions. Another dollop of sour cream on top garnished with more peppers and onions. Last layer nachos broken to pieces.
What I added: I caramelized the corn with burned butter then I added the red beans
I added red peppers and green onions.


  1. Bel3aaafiaaaaaaaaaa :-* I love it when my group members recreate the dishes. I posted it on Ansam's Kitchen facebook group album ;-)

  2. Allah ye3afeech...It is really good ;)

  3. This looks yummmyy :D
    Btw, loved your interview on P2BK Mag :D

  4. F20..It is yummy..craving it right now :) Thanks glad you liked the interview ;)