Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rice Milk

As I've mentioned previously, I gave up milk for a while
and I found myself less bloated, yet I miss it terribly!!!
I miss my morning Lattes so much!
Since I don't like Soya, I decided to try Rice milk which I found at Sultan
the other day. It isn't that bad in taste better than Soya milk.
It has a vanillesque flavor and fragrance, however it is a bit watery it doesn't
have that creamy texture milk has. Give it a try.
I still miss my milk :(


  1. Almara3i Lacto Free
    I posted about it:

  2. Have you tried Almond milk? Taste much better than rice milk, low in calories and carbs :)

  3. Ansam...I went to Sultan after reading your post but they were out of the AlMara3i Lacto Free So I found this one.
    Sarah...Where do I find the Almond milk?