Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Girl Can Never Have too Many Black Shoes!!!

I have these Sergio Platforms when I wear them they make me feel different, special and Zexy! My whole appearance changes! Although I do have a couple black Loubies and on Choo Choo, but I love my Sergio's so much I don't care to part from them. It's time for me to at least add two new black shoes to my shoe wardrobe. Ladies feast your eyes! Just gorgeous! *Swooning*
Shoes Pics From Neimun Marcus


  1. I prefer shoes with platforms like the first and the second picture !
    Shoes * faints*

  2. Zaboo6a...every shoes compliments an outfit and I love love Platforms *Sigh*

  3. did u mean u have that first one? ur right we can never have enough black shoes..platforms though would kill me..i can never wear them when going out to a restaurant, work, or a wedding..with normal heels i would be tall enough with the platforms id kill myself so i wear limit the wear for istiqbals or weddings im not planning to dance, anything that requires the shortest amount of walking and moving..but i do love em and love buying them;p

  4. No I'm still shopping around. I'm the type who likes to go to every shop and try every shoes before I make up my mind ;p de3la ;pp You know the funny thing..I don't wear highheels or platforms, I keep them for formals such as weddings and recpetions or dinners. I'm all about flats and comfort when in my daily life ;)