Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Lunch - Prime & Toast

It was another lazy Friday. Fahad went early to the office, I spent the morning with the boys studying. After Friday prayers we went to Prime and Toast for lunch. I expected it would be a bit crowded luckily and surprisingly there were only few people there. The weather was amazing, cool and cloudy. So we get seated, the boys a bit more excited than usually. I tried to calm them down and interest them in the menu. As usually they were only interested in ordering pasta. We went through the menu. Love Prime and Toast, always so much to order from. I loved their mini Tapas menu, I wanted to order, but Fahad wasn't interested, and I couldn't order all the yummy food for myself. So we ordered: Fillet and mash potatos and mushroom sauce for Fahad, mushroom cream sauce with spaghetti for the boys, P&T Slider for me , and Chicken Fritters with Ranch and mango chutney. So as soon as they brought the chicken fritters the boys were all on it. Hmmm…when I told them lets order some Tapas none of them were interested and now they're attacking my chicken! All in all the food was great!!! The sliders, the best I had in a long time! I had one and saved the other for later that evening. The only hitch was Fahad's order it took a while until it arrived. They brought the mash 15min before the fillet arrived and then it arrived without the mushroom sauce. However, the manager apologized and made up for it by making the chocolate chip cookie ice cream dessert we ordered for the boys on the house. After we left, Abdulaziz asked to come back again, which he never did when we ate out. :) The rest of the day was spent preparing for Abdulaziz's upcoming birthday.

Chicken fritters with ranch and mago chutney sauce.
The boys attacked it as soon as it was put on the table
If I had known, I'd ordered more Tapas.
My sliders. The best I had in while.
The portion was too much, I had the rest to go for
later in the day.
Mashed Potato
The boys ordered mushroom creame sauce spahgetti...
So did Ahmed like it??
Oh! Yes! This smile and sauce smeared face says it all!!
So did Abdulaziz, who asked
me to come back again next week after we left!!

Fahad's fillet. He really enjoyed it.

Chocolate chip cookies with ice cream. I asked them

to cut it in half so the boys would share it.


  1. Thank you for your lovely post and we'r glad AbdulAziz loved it :)

    We tweeted about it. Follow us on @PrimeToast.

    Always serving you,


  2. Your welcome :) I only post about the best ;) and P&T is one of our favorite :)