Friday, April 15, 2011

Go With The Fro!

I was browsing through when I found these two T-shirts from
F2o for the boys. They are soo my boys!
I place my order and a couple of days later I received them.
Yep.. AlZgert Abdulaziz will love it and Ahmed ye7eb al Kash5a! Here they are rocking the T's when we went out for lunch and later for the movies.
So what do you think?
Abdulaziz Al Zgert!
Ahmed Al kash5a!
He is trying to make the Peace sign but couldn't.


  1. Woooow mashalaaah bl3feeyaa , waaay yakhteee el zgrt ;) thanks I will check if there r shirts for girls

  2. Thanks ;p and Yes they have prettier t-shirts for girls ;p

  3. Abi atsalaf hal netfa a7mad shwaya maykhalif?
    Eshaweg ism Allah 3leeh oho o Tshirt el Kashkha!

    o 3zoz's Ezgert layga ;)

    3lekom bel 3afiya! F2O's designs are amazing masha2 Allah :D

  4. Lol!! Danderma I do not recommend Ahmed..he is very moody w 3aser, believe me he wont look cute once he opens his mouth wailing for a whole hour none stop!
    Take Azoz...he is hilarious with funny ideas and unlimited imagination plus badliyat ;p

    Thanks Hon. :** Allah ye3afeech...I love her designs.